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He pranks another member but ends pranking you (1/5)

Harry: The hallway was empty of people which meant that the lads were still on stage rehearsing. You could hear the bass from where you’re standing and make your way towards the dressing room. They would be off in a few minutes most likely so you decided to wait in there until Harry came back. The two of you were supposed to go out to lunch but sound check is taking a bit longer than he thought. Thankfully, the dressing room was stock full of food to eat. Donuts, cookies, chips, fruits, drinks, you name it and they got it. This was the nice part of visiting Harry on tour; there was always food. You grab a donut and a water bottle before settling down on the couch and opening up the book you started reading a few days ago. You turn your iPod on and play one of your favorite songs. It was quiet and relaxing which is the usual when you’re left alone while the lads and everyone else prepares for the concert tonight. After about twenty minutes of waiting you hear the door creak open and look up to find Niall practically running in the room. He topples over you, making the two of you fall to the floor. Harry runs in and throws a bucket of water on the two of you but Niall luckily got out in time. He quickly stood up and looked at Harry with a smirk. Harry’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he took in Niall’s dry state. Niall pointed to the ground and Harry’s eyebrows rose up, “Babe! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that to you! I was going for Niall!” You give him a hard glare and take his hand to get up. “I’m really-“ You quickly cut him off, “You have five seconds. That’s all I’m giving you.” His expression goes into one of nervousness and you watch as he takes a big gulp. “One,” and with that he was running out the door with you chasing him hot on his heels.

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