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“Y/N, come down for some pizza!” You glanced towards the bedroom door upon hearing Niall calling for you before you looked back at your screen. You were in the middle of an insightful conversation about whether pigeons have feelings or not over Facetime with Harry, and as much as you loved Harry, you would totally hang up on him if it meant digging your teeth into a piping hot slice of pizza. Harry was all the way in Paris promoting Sign of The Times, and you really hated being alone. You had just gotten so used to him being around so when he told you he was going to be traveling a lot again, you didn’t know what to do! Niall, being the sweetheart that he was, offered for you to stay over at his place until Harry came back home. 

What happened to the Chinese takeout?” Harry asked, eyes flickering to the corner of the screen to look at himself for a moment. 

“I changed my mind halfway and asked Niall to get pizza instead.” You smiled sheepishly, taking a pillow and shoving it underneath you so you had something holding you up a little. 

Y/N, you’re already staying at Niall’s house for free! Don’t get all difficult, love.” 

“I know, but I-” 

“Oi, no need to scold Y/N. I was in t’e mood for some pizza myself.” You turned slightly when Niall entered the room, a cheesy smile gracing his features. “How are ya, Harry? How’s Paris?” 

I’m freezing my ass off, that’s how Paris is.” Harry snorted, reaching down to wrap the blanket tighter around himself. 

“Cuddle up to the pillows?” You suggested, sitting up so that Niall could see the screen as well. 

I would much rather cuddle with you.” Harry pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, your heart melting at the sight. You missed Harry terribly and he had only been gone for about a week and a bit. 

“T’anks, Harry! I’m in dire need for a snuggle.” Niall laughed, Harry rolling his eyes playfully before flipping him off. “C’mon, Y/N. I put on t’at cooking show you like so much downstairs and the pizza’s all set up.” 

“Aw, but I wanna keep talking to my boyfriend, Niall.” You whined, scrambling up to your feet when Niall lunged forward in an attempt to grab your phone. 

I’m getting dizzy here, people!” 

“Wha- Y/N, if I let you two keep talkin’ we’ll never eat pizza! I drove 45 minutes to that Chinese place, and then I had to drive another 20 for the pizza place, and-” 

“Touché.” You cleared your throat, plopping back down onto your knees as the mattress bounced underneath your weight. You wanted to talk to Harry all night long if it was even possible. 

I have t’ start getting ready for the next interview, so this is actually perfect timing.” Harry joked lightly, the screen freezing for a second before it started working again. “I’ll call yeh in the morning, I promise.” 

“Okay… You hang up first, though. I can’t do it.” You sighed dramatically, pouting at Harry. 

What makes you think I can do it? You hang up!” 

“You hang up!” You lips tugged up in a grin before you perked up. You thoroughly enjoyed these banter-y moments with Harry, and you took advantage of when he got super duper playful. 

No, you hang up!” 

“At t’is rate we’re all going t’ die before you two hang up!” Niall interrupted, letting out a groan of frustration. He loved you both, but the two of you made a very irritating overly-affectionate couple sometimes. “I’ll do us all a favour,” He paused, and before you knew it your phone had disappeared from your hands. “And I’ll hang up. See ya later, H!” 

I-” Niall tossed your phone onto the bed before pointing towards the door. 

“You’ve already missed half of the cooking show cos of t’is.”

“I was about to hang up, for your information.” 

“Nice try.” 


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anonymous asked:

Have you heard that some people are not buying Harry's album so Sony can make Louis situation better?

What is this fandom? It’s like being trapped in purgatory or something. Everything around this fandom changes. Even 1D themselves. But this fandom remains just as embarrassingly clueless and immature as it was back in 2010. Forever 13.

LMAO at whatever nasty brats out there actually think they can blackmail motherfucking Sony. Have a seat.