So I started a new game in Oblivion but I messed around with console commands at the beginning so now occasionally the foot-tall tutorial guard will just randomly show up to remind me of my sins

SPOILING the end of each Elder Scrolls game without any context:

Arena: You assemble a magic walking stick so you can kill and then save the Emperor.

Daggerfall: A dozen different people get the same giant robot and kill each other with it. Also they don’t.

Morrowind: You kill an undead leader and destroy an old artifact, thus dooming your entire province to be squished by a rock.

Oblivion: You convince a man to break a really valuable gem right before he dies.

Skyrim: You and a bunch of ghosts yell at a big lizard until it dies so you can save the world. Either your country is ruled by racist assholes, or is conquered by racist assholes. You decide.

ES Online: You absorb the soul of one of your friends so you can kill a god who’s evil because he absorbs the souls of people.


what is it citizen

It's a Saturday night and you recieve this text message

👀You👀 sleep😴😴 rather soundly😏😏💤💤📢 for a 🙈murderer 🔫🔪🔪💔🙊that’s good😏😏👌 you’ll need 👀👀a clear🙏 conscience🙈🙉🙊 for what 👤I'm👤🔪 about to2⃣ propose👰👰🔪

You: ✔️read at 3:37am

👀You 👀prefer 🙊silence🙊 then❓❓ As do I 👤🔪my dear child👶 As do I 👤🔪For4⃣ is 🙊silence🙊 not 🙅❌the symphony📯🎷🎺🎹 of 🔪🔪death 😵the orchestration🎻🎻🎶 of 🔥💀Sithis💀🔥 himself❓❓ Ironic 😏then that I come 💦to you👶 now 👏as👏 Speaker👄👅👏 for👏 the👏 Dark Brotherhood👥🔪👥🔪👥🔪 My name ♠🙊️is 💀Lucien Lachance👤🔪 and my voice👄 is the will 🙏🙌of the Night 🌌Mother👩🔪👶👶👶👶👶She’s been 👀watching👀 you. 👀Observing👀 as you👶🔪 kill🔫 admiring 👩🙌as you end🔪 life😵 without🚫 pity😰 or remorse😢 The Night🌌 Mother👩🔪👶👶👶👶👶 is most pleased 💦👄🙌👌That is why I👤🔪 stand 👤👉here👈 before you 👶🔪I bear🐻 an offering 💰💰😏👌An 👀opportunity👀 to join our rather👀👀 ✨💎unique💎✨family👶👦👧👨👩👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👴👵👤🔪🔪


there he goes

Oblivion Piano Cover
  • Oblivion Piano Cover
  • Masayoshi Soken
  • Kmahna's covers

Finally out of the Diamond Dust pops an Oblivion by your dear K’mahna…

I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome and I’m sure it will send you in shivers ;3

Secondary player if Tumblr breaks and download in link:

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