NU’EST ‘Shalala Ring’ PV Breaks the 1 Million View Mark!

It took nearly a year, but NU’EST’s first Japanese original single, ‘Shalala Ring’s official PV broke the 1 million view mark!

Shalala Ring is a happy Japanese-pop track, and in the music video, showcase the boys of NU’EST preparing their little surprise event for their dates, winning the hearts of their fans with their prince-like image.

Congratulations to the boys~!

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Although we want Seventeen to have a successful comeback and career, don’t forget to support the other artists like After School/Nuest/Orange Caramel, etc. Only supporting Seventeen will result in Pledis using them as bait, the boys will be overworked to the point they have injuries, sickness, emotional trauma, and many more. Please don’t let Seventeen face the same fate as Exo/BAP/Bangtan. And let’s raise money for the other artists to have a comeback. Pledis needs help, and they need it right now.

Just for Reference

There’s a project in the works to support Pledis Groups such as After School, Nu’est, and Seventeen. Since there has been a lot of talk about Pledis groups getting lack of exposure, not being able to promote, losing fans etc. maybe if we come together and give our full support we can probably move things in the right direction for them. So I wanna ask…

Once this project is revealed, will you all be supportive? It would mean so much!

Pre-orders for「BRIDGE THE WORLD」Now Available on YESASIA

As previously mentioned, NU’EST will be releasing their first full-length Japanese album ‘Bridge The World’ this November. As HMV opens their pre-orders for said album in Japan, international audiences could now start your pre-orders on YESASIA!

While YESASIA is the official sales data provider for Oricon, the items shipped outside of Japan will not be counted for Oricon charts.

For more info on the tracklist, please see. Please also note that all DVDs are only playable in Region 2, aka in Japan, Europe, South Africa, Greenland and the Middle East (including Egypt).


Item: BRIDGE THE WORLD, Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)
Cost: USD$49.49
Related promos: comes with 1 free Japan Mini capsule toy; item is eligible for Free International Shipping
To note: DVD contains concert footage of SHOWTIME3
Order: here

Item: BRIDGE THE WORLD, Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)
Cost: USD$31.99
Related promos: comes with 1 free Japan Mini capsule toy; item is eligible for Free International Shipping
To note: Minhyun’s solo song is only available in this version.
Order: here

Item: BRIDGE THE WORLD, CD (First Press Edition)
Cost: USD$20.49
Related promos: comes with 1 free Japan Mini capsule toy; item is eligible for Free International Shipping
Order: here

The album is expected to drop on 18 Nov, and Minhyun’s solo song will be first revealed on 23 Sep, at NU’EST Japan Tour 2015 ~Bridge The World~ Tokyo, Maihama stop, the only stop where he is scheduled to perform said song. 

Which edition will you be saving up for?

Source: YESASIA twitter & website

anonymous asked:

I'm scared like is Seventeen going to be ok? With pledis in such trouble I'm scared

Honestly, I’m more than a little worried too, because I really really love Seventeen and Nu’EST and the more I listen to them the more I like After School too. 

But the best things we can do as fans to help our boys and ensure that they get to continue on happily is support them and their labelmates. If you can afford it, buy the album from official sites like YesAsia, KpopMart, KpopTown, buy their labelmates’ music too if you can, buy official merch for their labelmates you like such as After School and Nu’EST. If you can’t afford it, which is understandable, I can’t right now either, then you can help by keeping views on the MV up, keep sharing Seventeen with others, promote the other Pledis artists if you can, and just show your love for Pledis artists in general so more people will come to support them. 

This blog hasn’t been updated in a few weeks, but it has a few links for where you can buy some merch and albums, along with official Pledis accounts that you could follow to get info on the artist’s and what they have planned. 

This post kind of reiterates what I’ve said here and includes a few links for After School specifically to help them out, but this goes for every artist in the company. I can’t speak for everyone, obviously, but I feel like as SM17Es, it’s almost our duty to help support Seventeen AND their labelmates. Without After School, Son Dambi, Nu’EST, Seventeen wouldn’t even exist. So if we really want to be with Seventeen for a while and make sure that these boys can always continue doing what they love, we need to try our best and support the whole company. 

I had honestly never realized how bad the company was doing before, but now that I have, I know that I’m going to do what I can to help them and I hope that other fans will too. 



Source: NUEST
Please take out with credits / do not re-upload


If you’ve been following #saveafterschool or the tags of any Pledis Artistes recently, you would probably have noticed a couple mentions of the upcoming Pledis Week to be held during 20-26 September. 

Set up by fans of the various fandoms, this is a collaborative effort between Playgirlz(boyz), L.O.V.Es and SM17ES in efforts to promote and show support to Pledis. A series of activities has been planned, so read on to find out more, as well as why you should consider joining the project.


“Pledis Week is about fans not only showing support for After School, Nu'est, and Seventeen, but also investing in them as well, such as buying official merchandise! It’s like a huge festival, and each group will have two days of recognition with the final day being a huge celebration!”


At the moment, a variety of programs has been planned out, and this includes purchase of albums, sending gifts of appreciations to the artiste, streaming of official YouTube Videos as well as Twitter trending. The fangroup is now accepting donations that will go towards a food truck, rice wreaths and flowers. With no minimum required for the donations, they are aiming for a total amount of $1000.

DETAILED TIMETABLE (For Twitter Trends):

  • 20 Sep (Sun) - #LoveAfterSchool
  • 21 Sep (Mon) - #LoveSeventeen
  • 22 Sep (Tue) - #LoveNuest
  • 23 Sep (Wed) - #LoveSeventeen
  • 24 Sep (Thur) - #LoveNuest
  • 25 Sep (Fri) - #LoveAfterschool
  • 26 Sep (Sat) - #LovePledis


Pledis has been in a situation whereby they are not financially capable of putting out new albums or promotion cycles, not because they don’t want to, but they could not afford to. This is a very important point that we, as fans supporting groups under this very management, not only have to realize but do something about. Unlike other big entertainment companies, or huge fandoms, we cannot sit back and rely on ‘someone else to do the job’.

There is no someone else, there is only us.

Pledis hasn’t been earning for a while now, but more then given up, they’ve provided a few possible opportunities for their artistes. Perhaps not the opportunities we were expecting or wanted, but every performance available should not be a given, but a gift. Now, we should start showing Pledis that we are not giving up, either.

There is no obligation to complete everything, but do what you can, and it will make a difference. 

For more information, please follow PLEDISWEEK tumblr and direct all your concerns directly to the group. They are also seeking admins from the AS Fandom, and I believe they would welcome any help, donations and more if you’d like to play a more active role in the project.

On a more lighthearted note - isn’t it great just to join your fandom family and have some fun while at it?