Minhyun: I have the voice of an angel and can act!

Baekho: I have an amazing voice and produce Nu’ests music

JR: I look like wartortle and am an awesome dancer!

Meanwhile, Mingi …

Ren: *tears down painting of himself* I’m fucking gorgeous bitches!! *Throws confetti over himself*

dh_jung_bap: 정말 착하고 멋있고 잘하는친구에요, 다들 잘알고있겠지만요😁 무조건응원응원응원이다!!! 화이팅!!! #뉴이스트 #렌

He’s a friend who is very kind(,) cool and does well, although all of you probably know it already😁 Support support unconditionally!!! Fighting!!! #NU'EST #Ren

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It’s been an emotional five years with Nu’est. We’ve had our moments of dissatisfaction with Pledis but these boys never fail at making us smile. Their music and laughter brings us LOVEs such joy and I don’t think I’d trade it for anything. I wish I could give these boys the world, but the most I can offer is my whole heart. I’ll never stop supporting Nu’est, I’ll continue loving them no matter what. Happy #5YearswithNUEST