Xmas with NU'EST
  • Minhyun: Has already mapped the trajectory of every single string of lights around each branch of the tree. Measures wrapping paper with a ruler and matches patterns. Spends too much time frosting cookies and yelling at the members to stop eating his ingredients.
  • Aron: Makes sure the egg nog supply never runs low, nor the liquor to go with it. Insists that everyone wear seasonally festive hats whenever they are out. Dresses up like Santa and distributes toys to kids in hospitals but tells no one.
  • Ren: Is prepared to perform any song from A Very Gaga Holiday at any given moment. Insists they open gifts a day early. Takes approximately 500 or so tree selfies. Volunteers to help cook and is kicked out of the kitchen for being too violent with the vegetable chopping. Buys everyone giftcards to Guateng. Gives the tree a new name every year.
  • Baekho: Tells everyone what he got them, insists that everyone tell him what they got him. Tries to invent new traditions every year that no one understands, such as Xmas Archery and Santa wrestling. Eats all of the cookies as soon as they're out of the oven. The first to make a snow penis on the sidewalk. Introduces the group to Ice Hockey.
  • JR: Initiates Ugly Sweater day, uses it as an excuse to raid Ren's closet. Bribes the members to watch the holiday episodes of Hetalia by promising to order food from each of their favorite countries. Always puts the star on the tree; recently gifted Seungcheol with an angel with Jeonghan's haircut for Seventeen. Is dared to lick a frozen swingset at least once and the fire company has to free him.

Voting for VOOM! has ended, and though we didn’t win this opportunity, I am still very proud of LOVEs for all their dedication and hard work. I would like to congratulate Day6′s fandom and give a shoutout to all the other fandoms who worked so hard in this competitive poll, you guys also deserve to be recognized for that. 

To LOVEs who are disappointed, don’t be upset. We have done so much to prove the strength of our fandom this year. We were never seen as a threat in competitive things like this, and now here we are giving other fandoms a real run for their money. We can use this as an opportunity to grow and prepare ourselves for the next time! 

And thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. The boys see it and appreciate it, and don’t you think for one minute that they don’t. I also want to thank the Playgirlz/boyz, Carats, and Pledis Girlz fans who sent their support and helped out, we see you and we appreciate you!


Underrated KPOP Boy Groups; Songs From 2016! - (Listen)

There will be another playlist later this year because more groups are coming back and I missed a few to make this list shorter. If you want to make sure I have your fave groups just message me! (Only groups that had 2016 comebacks & or debuts, please)

Songs from 2015 Part 1 & 2 - (Listen) & (Listen)