Boy groups and splitting up
  • Exo: Lay convinced half the members to start a new group with him in China after SM didn't give them any lines. Chanyeol now makes money off "chogiwa" memes, and D.O. moved to a cabin in the woods.
  • BTS: Some crazy armies took control of their car and the members have never been seen again.
  • Seventeen: Hoshi broke one of his legs, Scoups went back to Nu'est, and Woozi went on a long self-reflecting retreat. Without their leaders, Seventeen broke into chaos and accidently set the Pledis building on fire.
  • Block B: All the members left shortly after they changed their name to Zico and the Blocks.
  • Got7: After a few years, JYP let them have another US tour. Pool party 2.0 happened and JYP just left them there. Rumor has it Bambam got arrested.
  • Big Bang: *cough* drugs *cough*
  • NCT: SM just gave up after Mark, who had been in every subunit, left. Faced a lot of criticism after they kept debuting idols at a younger and younger age.
  • Nu'est: After their 37th mini album they decided it was time to call it quits.
  • U-Kiss: It became too difficult to juggle being an idol and having kids for all the members.
  • SHINee: Never broke up.

This probably will never happen, but I’m waiting for the moment when companies finally learn how to properly manage more than one group/artist at the same time so that they don’t have to rely on and overwork one group in order to make a profit. I’m sick of seeing certain groups being overworked​to exhaustion, when they have so many other talented artists who are literally locked behind their company walls and left there to rot.

PSA: please don’t hate on the members of nu'est for participating in produce 101, yes it may seem like they’re taking opportunities away from the other trainees but they are truly at a point in their career where they’re desparate for any publicity because pledis has done such a terrible job at managing them (not to mention they’ve been treated horribly by pledis) and nu'est themselves probably had a lot of influence from pledis when it came to entering the show, if anything get upset with the company, not the members themselves i’m sure they aren’t feeling great about the fact that they’ve basically had to revert back to trainee life

anyway nu'est have been consistently sabotaged by pledis throughout their entire career. they took a group with a massively successful debut that had a strong anti-bullying message (which BTW is STILL more successful than both exo’s mama and b.a.p’s warrior, their contemporaries) and they let them rot. for 3+ years pledis used them as guinea pigs for their promotional ideas that all ended in failure. they gave them inconsistent and throwaway korean comebacks, let them promote endlessly in Japan which while successful, distanced them from where their fanbase began, they debuted nu'est-m for the chinese market with another member who was never heard from again while the subunit dissolved with absolutely nothing concrete to show for it. THEN, in year 5, they actually invest the time into nu'est, giving them solid comebacks that fit with their overall and unique sound and succeeded in bringing back their fanbase, getting them to 2nd place on a music show which only foreshadowed their long-awaited commercial success should they continue and then THIS MESS happens. this produce 101 mess. 5 years and they take this seasoned group and put them on a survival show to debut alongside trainees for a temporary group I’m so???????? what outcome do they expect from this? the writing is on the wall that all the members who compete are going to be criticized, if not mocked, for being reduced to trainees nearly 6 years after debut. that or being called cheaters for already having a fanbase upon entering. they’re halting nu'est’s promotions, which were finally going right and for what? to separate the group? to make them compete directly against each other? really where does nu'est go from here if some of their members debut in a temporary group? or the alternative, they don’t make the group at all and the separation was for nothing but to hurt the group’s image to suggest that a makeshift group with a 1-year expiration date is more appealing career wise. I literally can’t even dream up a way that this makes sense. part of me wishes nu'est just would have left pledis and whether stayed together or not, given these talented guys a fighting chance for their careers. the kicker? pledis KNOWS how to promote groups, i.e., SVT. They gave them opportunities for years before debut to gain a fanbase, they’re regularly promoted, they participate in variety and reality shows that benefit their careers and gain fans. granted, svt are a self-produced group and really most of the work falls on them, but JEEZ promotionally, we’re comparing successful, thoughtful promotions with a LITERAL mess within the same company. I can’t help but think pledis purposely ran nu'est into the ground to focus on their 13 member supergroup. I mean we can see where their focus is, also letting their girl group after school fade to nothing after the substantial impact they left on the entire music scene AND letting orange caramel go when they too were on the brink of a breakthrough and that’s a tangent but at the crux of it SVT really deserve everything, they’re hardworking and great people and you just want to see them reach the very top but nu'est deserved just the same and anyway I’m bitter. 

TLDR: nu'est are actually contestants in pledis’ game called “just how far can we run a successful and talented group straight into the ground?”