L.O.V.Es Mass Streaming Session #1: 1-2 Sep

Fellow L.O.V.Es,

We’re asking for your help to do a mass streaming session tomorrow and the day after, from 12 midnight to 2am KST, where we will stream Love Paint on YouTube and stream on various digital platforms. At this time, we will try to see if we can start some form of live-chat, or engage fans via our YouTube Channel in the comments section. 

While fans are encourage to keep streaming all the time, we realised that there has been a lower view count or slower increment compared to OVERCOME. Streaming alone can be really lonely and tiring, that’s why we want to start a mass streaming session! Please keep streaming, clearing caches and let’s do our best for this promotions~

Spread the news and join us for this event! 

>> 1theK & NU’EST & Playlist

With ♥,
just a fellow L.O.V.E!

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Okay but thank you for agreeing jeonghan is daddy af cuz honestly more people should appreciate Daddy!Jeonghan omg

We also need more Daddy! Ren in our lives tbh

jeonghan is such a daddy

but more than anything you really made me wanna write a Daddy Ren blurb so I did when I was hit when a sudden burst of inspiration (I was horny as fuck) and this happened omfg

(Warning: smut ahead)

“Daddy, Daddy please,” you begged hopelessly, your words dissolving breathlessly into the air.

“If you want to flirt like a slut, then you’re going to cum like a slut.” Ren was poised gracefully in front of you, sitting in an expensive leather arm chair, a glass of red wine in one hand, balanced on the thick arm of the chair, his lips stained with traces of it, his dark hair ruffled from running his fingers through it and white shirt unbottoned, revealing to you his gorgeous body, just to be all the more teasing. “Daddy will have nothing more to do with you until you’ve learned your lesson. And it’s such a shame to; my cock is so hard, just ready to be filling up your little pussy,” to emphasize his point, and to further tease you, he used his free hand to squeeze the outline of his cock through his tight black pants. 

You were damned. That’s what it felt like. Leather cuffs locking your hands behind your back, a spreader bar holding your ankles far from each other, keeping you from clamping together your shivering thighs, a sparkling jewel plug that only made the overstimulation worse; and the cherry to top it all off, a spot vibrator stuck on your clit, turned on its highest setting and left, the remote forgotten on a table somewhere, along with Daddy’s mercy. 

He was the jealous type; what you saw as common courtesy, being a good hostess, maybe overstepping that slightly, he saw as flirting, pining, on your knees begging for other men’s cocks. Which lead you here, sitting in front of Daddy on your knees, the metal bar pressed harshly into your ass, arms cramping up, constricted behind your back, tears running down your face and sitting in a puddle of your own wetness. 

You had lost track of how many times you had come. You had lost track of how much you had begged, pleaded, of how much you had looked up at Ren through matted eyelashes, just wishing he would end this torture already.

He took another sip of wine and set the glass down on the floor by his feet. He surprised you when he leaned forward and grasped your face so gently with his beautiful hand.

“Are you ready to apologize and suck Daddy’s cock now?“ 

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i hope you guys like this i love daddy ren so much 


♡ 160830 | Ren Instagram Update
  bornthisren: 僕の従姉妹が今回のアルバムにイラストレーターとして参加して、

たくさんの関心と応援をお願いします !
This album is especially meaningful to me because my cousin was able to participate in the creation process. She drew the illustrations for this album, and gave a lot of effort into drawing each and every member. Please show lots of love for this album and you can see the various illustrations in the album! #illustrations #art >>@b.caffeine


You guys please watch this video and help NU’EST get their first win. It’s been two days and they only have 341,000 views on 1theK and 191,000 views on their official channel. If this era flops, Pledis might drop them and they deserve so much better than that. They’ve been working so hard and it would be terrible if they have to disband. Please support NU’EST.

[LOVE LETTER] 160829 [FROM.JR] You’ve worked hard!!

오늘 와주신러브들  조심히가세요!!
다음에는 못오신 러브들!
꼭!!다음에는 같이 즐겨요!!!
이번주부터 달리자!
LOΛEs who came today, go home safely!!
Next, the LOΛEs who didn’t come!
Soon! Next time, let’s have fun together!!!
Let’s run from this week on


♡ 160829 | Canvas Showcase (Ren Focus)
Action 2x Speed Dance

source: The Edge of Glory