I recently got Noragami volumes 11 and 12 in Spanish, so I’m back to translation comparisons.

In Chapter 42 (the Daigo flashback) Yukine complains about Yato’s sweaty hands getting worse during the summer:

Everything normal, right? The Spanish translation adds this:

This translation also references the fact that it’s summer, but then adds “yo que soy de nieve”. There’s no exact way to translate this into English, but it more or less translates to “especially given that I’m of snow” or “for someone like me, who is snow-natured”. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird.

I thought it was interesting because, while Yukine having snow-like powers is a headcanon for some, it’s never really been a canon thing. He’s named after snow, and he was named during a snowy night, but I’m not sure to what extent the circumstances in which a Shinki is named affect their abilities.

So yeah, just wondering if this was also in the original Japanese version, or if it’s just the Spanish translators throwing in their headcanons. This might seem like a small, irrelevant detail, but like I said, I remember reading other people talking about how cool (pun intended) it would be fore him to have snow/ice-like powers. Especially if we go by the theory that Yato is Tsukuyomi, and therefore has an affinity to water.

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[Announcement] 舞台 ノラガミ-神と願い- (butai noragami -kami to negai-)  TV Broadcast

you will be able to watch it @ 衛星劇場 (December 10th, 2017 ~ 01:00-03:00)

100 Years of Beauty: Anime (Men)

(Note: Because certain people are taking this too seriously, ANIMATION AND UPDATED SEASONS/ART STYLES DON’T COUNT!! Whatever GIF I happen to use, I’m still putting it on the year the ORIGINAL anime first airs. That’s literally it jfc.)

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