North Korea isn’t a ‘rogue state’ - it’s a small, economically isolated backwater, struggling to support an antiquated military dictatorship which hasn’t really recovered from being razed by US-led carpet bombing in the 1950s.

North Korea is not a 'terrorist threat’ - its elite are attempting to take the shortest cut to secure their sovereignty in the post-Cold War era: by acquiring nuclear weaponry as the only real deterrent capable of levelling the vast material inequality between itself and the US.

I’ll state it quite simply: if you believe that it’s consistent to decry North Korea for its burgeoning nuclear programme, whilst fully supporting the right of Western nations to dictate terms to non-nuclear powers, you’re a dupe for the crypto-racist propaganda of 'enlightened’ Western nuclear dictatorship. Nuclear proliferation is an evil rooted in the logic of global capitalist inequalities and imperialist underdevelopment.