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This May Just Be the Fabled Sony/Nintendo Console That Almost Was

Via @snescentral. It looks much like one would imagine such a console looking. Nintendo and Sony were going to partner up to make a console in the 1990s, but went separate ways when Nintendo didn’t cotton to using CD ROMS. 

Oh, what could have been! I try not to think about it. The future may have been too perfect to imagine.

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Man Finds Rare Nintendo PlayStation Console From Early '90s
In 1988, Sony and Nintendo worked together on a CD-ROM peripheral for the SNES. In 1991 it was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show by Sony but the day after Nintendo announced that, actually, it was partnering with Phillips for its CD tech. Sony, furious, more or less spite-developed its half of the tech into the PlayStation 1 we know today, to get back at Nintendo. Because it was never actually released the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation is quite rare. So this one is quite a big deal.

Link the above text came from, with a fuller story: Games Radar.