Todd Rundgren is a hero of mine.  His records (solo and Utopia!), his songwriting, his production and his musicianship… all played a huge role shaping me into who I am.  I still listen to (and study) A Wizard, A True Star and Something / Anything regularly, and I suggest you do, too.

Atticus and I sent Todd a wealth of ideas for his new record.  He worked on this track and released the “proper” version HERE..  We then took what he did and moved it forward (or backward, depending on your perspective) into THIS.

TR  (not Todd Rundgren, the other TR)

Trent Reznor, Houseplant Still Not on Speaking Terms

LOS ANGELES, CA—Although 52-year-old Trent Reznor’s family and a 7-year-old weeping fig have shared a home for over six years, the two rarely acknowledge each other’s existence. Occasionally, Reznor will silently provide his estranged housemate with water, suggesting a desire to mend fences. The fig, however, continues to snub the apparent olive branch with not so much as a thank you, possibly contributing to the infrequency with which Reznor does so. It’s not quite clear what initially caused the riff in their seven-year relationship. Some reports indicate that it may stem from the fact that the fig has been unemployed for at least the past 2 years and does not contribute anything to the household in the form of utility payments or chores. The fig did not immediately respond to a request for comment. At the time of this report, neither party had expressed the desire to part ways, though the fig has slowly started growing toward the window, possibly indicating a desire to cut ties and move on with its life.

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