anonymous asked:

what are your favourite nine inch nails song?

Oh God, how much time do we have?


March of the Pigs




Get Down, Make Love (NIN covering Queen = my brain explodes)



Mr. Self Destruct

We’re In This Together

The Only Time

Terrible Lie

Head Like a Hole

The Hand that Feeds

Hurt (I can’t listen to it too often though, hits too close to home)

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

The Idea of You
  • The Idea of You
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Not The Actual Events

maybe that was somebody else
maybe i was somebody else
I am sorry (for what it’s worth) if that means anything anymore.  I think there’s something just wrong with me
i have been wondering
when did you know?  you know, really know?
no no no no no i don’t think that’s going to happen here
you missed all that on the way out
and remember
i don’t want to remember anymore
maybe i was somebody else?
just go back to the idea of me
go back to the idea of me

none of this is happening


oh and
If I start to tell you anything please don’t pay attention.  That’s not really me in there.  I would never do that.
just go back to the idea of me
go back to that idea
can you even hear me over here?
can’t you feel it happening?
everything absorbing liquid twitching forming something terrible
the sores are gone
and you can hardly tell now but


Back in 2009, I filmed some unique and very fun live videos for @nineinchnails. Just me and my Canon 5DM2 in the middle of the stage, following the action in a single shot, one song at a time. It was chaotic, exciting, and very hard to manually focus, but it resulted in my favorite concert footage I’ve ever filmed. Someone on Youtube has taken it upon themselves to stitch all of these videos (originally posted individually) into this long-form piece. So if an hour and a half of intimate on-stage live NIN concert footage from various venues around the world sounds interesting to you, I think you’ll enjoy this.