New Girl: Operation Bobcat

I really liked this episode. Yes, we didn’t get some development on the Ness side (Although there was something), but the other storylines worked so well. Winston’s proposal to Aly was just the cutest thing. They are perfect for each other. And this is also one of the reasons why New Girl is my favorite comedy show. Mixing humor with these emotional moments - no one does that better than NG. Y’all, decorating that restroom was hard, lol. And as a huge Schmece fan, I also loved their moments. Even though they are married now, I love it when we get these type of scene with Schmidt and Cece. Never getting tired of Schmidt telling Cece how much he loves her and vice versa. Nick had some funny lines (” I’m the chimney sweep. All these are Clogged. Clogged. Clogged”, lol). 

And Ness fans: It’ll get better. Stay blessed. :)


Hey @newgirlystuff, you were right. This can get ugly real quick here. Three people accused me of lying, lol. Here’s the thing: I’m always honest and try to answer as many questions as possible. But I’m also just a set designer and we’re not at the table reads, so things can change before we know what’s happening in the episodes/future. That means I’m not perfect and sometimes I can be wrong about something, but I hope it doesn’t happen. But calling someone a liar before he had the chance to explain the situation is not cool.

anonymous asked:

Which scenes are the most fun to shoot?

Every scene is fun to shoot, but shooting those True American scenes are on another level. You have no freaking idea how the game works, but the cast has so much fun and every crew member behind the camera is just laughing, lol. :)