Hungry Eyes, Chapter 3/6

Tiva Dirty Dancing AU. The David family takes a trip to a resort where Tony is employed as a dance instructor. Tensions build when Tony and Ziva meet and begin to dance together. Loosely follows Dirty Dancing with some significant deviations. Rated M for later chapters.

Chapter 3: Did I Take You by Surprise

“Look what this stupid girl did!” came the shrill sound of Mandy’s voice, obviously very angry and very pained as Ziva returned with both Tim and DiNozzo in tow. After he’d gotten dressed and left the dance studio, he’d run to Tim’s room where he’d called for the paramedics, and then asked Tim to come along, stating that he could help calm Mandy down. Mandy, Ziva thought. So at least one mystery name was solved.

“It was an accident!” Ziva couldn’t help how her accent became more noticeable when she was stressed, and it seemed that Mandy wasn’t too keen on foreigners. Or maybe it was just guests in general. “Besides, you were not looking where you were going, either.”

“Do you know what you’ve just done?”

“Well it seems pretty obvious that you have broken your leg, and for that, I am sorry. Truly,” Ziva replied earnestly, feeling a wave of guilt wash over her. She’d already apologized, but for some reason, it didn’t seem to be enough, no matter how many times she said it. She wasn’t usually so clumsy, and she’d never physically caused an injury to anyone before, even though she’d been trained – at her father’s insistence – in several types of martial arts.

“No, you don’t understand at all,” Mandy continued, the sharpness of her voice stabbing at Ziva’s conscience, making her feel even worse about the situation.

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“A big part of the book is the tale of a friendship, our journey and the story of my mom. I go into a lot of autobiographical detail about myself, and I hope my fans enjoy that.”

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The failing struggles of a fangirl

Have you ever gone a long time without watching a particular show, and then you happen to catch a stray episode…

And fall in love with your favorite character of the series all over again?

And then you get pulled into the whirlwind of not only rediscovering their story, but you start going crazy shipping them again, and not just with people from their own show

But from many shows you can imagine a crossover with.

Everything from possible best friends…

To possible lovers ^///^

WHY?!?! Why do I do this to myself? I always fall for the underdog characters! The ones who never have nearly as many fanfics as the others. And I wish it wasn’t so, because the likelihood of there being any stories to fit the crazy ships I come up with for him

are next to zero T^T

Sticks and stones may break your bones but tv shows and books will crush your soul into a million pieces