Gibbs x reader: He's not my boyfriend

Fandom: NCIS, Criminal Minds
Characters: Tony, Hotch, Gibbs, Mcgee, mentions of other people
Warnings: fluff, few seconds of angst, jealous Gibbs, Swearing(I said ass like one time), i think that’s it
Word count: 2,299
A/N: I thought of this watching SVU, weird right? Sorry if this sucks I’m bad at writing. Tell me if you see any mistakes.

You were sitting at your desk finishing up some paperwork. The office was quiet that day, no new cases, no annoying suspects that won’t cooperate. Just peace. You stood up to give Gibbs the file as you spotted Tony on his phone.

“Tony, did you know that-”

“That I don’t care?” he cut you off. How rude.

“Hurtful Tony, Hurtful,” you turned to him, put a hand over your heart and responded sarcastically. Tony was about to come back with some smartass retort when-

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A Man Walks Into a Bar...

Requested by: Anon
Request: The team goes out for drinks or for someone’s birthday. Gibbs and reader’s relationship is still a secret and a guy starts hitting on reader and Gibbs gets all possessive and jealous!
A/N: Enjoy!
xoxo, Rainey

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For the anon who requested 19 “are you even listening to me?” and 35 “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone more stubborn…” with Gibbs

“Hello? Heeelloooooo? Paging (Y/N), come in (Y/N)” Tony waved a hand in front of the computer screen you had zoned out looking at before snapping his fingers directly in front of your face, causing you to jump slightly.

“Huh?” You asked dumbly, eyes refocusing and lazily landing on the pain in the ass to your left. He clicked his tongue and shook his head backing away from your desk before checking his watch.

“I think we lost her McGeek,” He announced, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Shut up.”

“Time of death 5:56pm, God it’s late.” Tony complained, tossing himself back into the chair behind his desk.

“And it’s only getting later.” Gibbs announced coming into the room with his usually breeze. You groaned, dropping your head onto your desk momentarily letting your eyes slip closed. Gibbs voice droned on somewhere in front of you, occasionally interrupted by Tony’s slightly higher pitched answers. With your eyes closed and head on a horizontal surface the long week of little sleep began to catch up to you.

“(Y/N)” The voice directly addressing you pulled your brain from the cusp of dreamland and you hummed. “(Y/N)”

“What?” You asked, head jerking up and flinching as a piece of paper stuck itself to your forehead. You swatted a hand at it to reveal the amused faces of your coworkers looking back at you.

“What?” You repeated raising an eyebrow as a blush came over your cheeks.

“Are you even listening to me?” Gibbs asked and your eyes snapped to your bosses face as your blush doubled… maybe even tripled at this point.

“Yes…” You answered sheepishly before cracking a grin and shaking your head, “No… Sorry. Bit of a long week ya know.” Tony mumbled something from his desk about how he ‘knew’ and how he was the one who has been doing all the ‘heavy lifting’. Gibbs merely smiled knowingly before nodding towards the elevator.

“Go home, get some rest.” Tony was out of his chair grabbing for his bag before Gibbs was even finished the sentence but the man halted him with one glance.

“Not you. DiNozzo, sit.” With a deflected huff Tony dropped back down into his chair with a pout and you shook your head smiling sleepily.

“No really I’m fine.”

“(Y/N)” Gibbs began with a stern gaze.

“Gibbs, really I’m fine!” You proved your point by jiggling your mouse and trying to get back to quadruple checking the video footage from the latest crime scene.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met someone more stubborn…” Gibbs muttered mostly to himself before walking over and stopping directly in front of your desk leaning over to shut off the computer. “Go home.”

“Gibbs…” You complained, whining slightly.

“Don’t make me force you. Better yet, don’t make me have DiNozzo escort you home.” Your eyes widened slightly before pouting and slowly shoving your things into your bag, feeling Gibbs’ gaze on you as you slipped your coat on and grabbed your phone.

“Fine, you win.” You muttered with a slightly smile, “See you in the morning, boys.” You got a half hearted bye from McGee who didn’t even look up from his computer, and a very sour goodeye from a very jealous DINozzo.

“Goodnight, (Y/N) make sure you actually get to sleep.” Gibbs ordered and you nodded, turning to salute him after hitting the down button for the elevator.

“Aye aye captain.”