just buy him the ddukbokki already =_= shut up, flower boy myungsoo
  • myungsoo:buy me grand ddukbokki later.
  • sungyeol:okay i'll buy it for you later.
  • dongwoo:graaand ddukbokki~
  • myungsoo:*indiscernible talking*
  • sungyeol:AH stop talking to me when i'm playing games. [you've been] talking nonstop about grand ddukbokki since yesterday.
  • myungsoo:yeah buy me grand ddukbokki.
  • woohyun:is it good?
  • myungsoo:it's hella good.
  • myungsoo:it's so good...
  • credit:140724 mnet 4things show waiting room
  • note:the members did not say this on broadcast. they were talking comfortably in the waiting room and the show's staff didn't let them know the audio was being broadcasted live to the ustream. i'm assuming grand ddukbokki is a restaurant name. also, myungsoo didn't technically cuss because he used korean slang of words that are abbreviated and mashed together, but the meaning of each word in the abbreviated form is...yeah LOL. i told you he talks like a teenager.

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nice blog <3 i'm asking for a gif reaction of infinite boys when you give him a cute surprise peck


*smiles uncontrollably and looks at you lovingly* “I’m so lucky to have you~.”


*tries his best not to show that he really liked it but ends up smiling like a fool*


*surprised by the sudden kiss* “Wait…did you just..?” *smiles widely and laughs*


*smiles* “You just know how to brighten my day don’t you~?”


*tries to kiss you back* “Come here~!”


*fake gasps* “Did you just kiss me on the lips?”


“Can I have another one please~?” *puckers his lips for more*