Reasons for why I dislike the Grow Documentary:

1 -  ∞) Feels uncomfortable at the fact that Myungsoo’s full story was about his dating scandal and how it essentially told everyone that a) Myungsoo’s dating scandal was a mistake and even today, it’s still called that, despite the fact that dating is not a mistake and is something every human does (and even then, 100% of the shit that happened was not Myungsoo’s fault and was pretty much out of his control), b) fans were completely scarred to the point that they actually needed to heal from the news of him dating, almost as if it was a complete travesty, despite the fact that tons of fans were complete shit to him and were the very reason for a good portion of Myungsoo’s pain (fans were not scarred, but Myungsoo definitely was), c) Myungsoo was probably going through one of the darkest moments of his life and yet, these moments were on display for everyone to see, despite the fact that these moments were personal and were things that we truly didn’t need to see, even if we were curious about what had happened (and even then, some fans have been truly disgusting in regards to his scenes, despite how lost, scared, and depressed Myungsoo had felt and I should not have to see idiot fans making fun of Myungsoo and his pain), and d) it feels like Woollim literally used Myungsoo’s pain as a marketing trick to help sell the DVD, especially since Myungsoo’s story was much darker and more personal compared to the rest of the group’s and if it wasn’t there, I would not be surprised if the DVD wouldn’t sell as well (because as much as some fans would buy the DVD because they buy everything, I’m sure people bought the DVD to just watch Myungsoo’s scenes).