MBLAQ - Smoky Girl

Sexy Beat (Mini-Album) June 4, 2013

J.Tune Camp


Speaking about the similarities and differences between Mercury and Lambert, May said: “[….] When Adam walks onto a stage, it’s not Freddie, and it’s not him trying to be Freddie, but when Adam walks on and when Freddie walks on, something happens; there’s some kind of catalytic action that happens between people, and it’s a very rare and special thing. So I would say that’s something that Adam and Freddie share, and I know that Freddie would agree with that. I mean, without even speaking about the voice. I mean, the voice… they both had, and have, incredible voices — the kind of voice that you don’t find in a billion people. And, of course, the voice is very special, but it’s not enough. You have to have the will and the spirit to use that wonderful instrument that you’ve been given to make that connection.”

omg when andy and pete saw joe, the way they stared at patrick and when patrick turned back to his normal self and realized what had just happened theIR FACES THE LOOKS THAT THEY HAD IT JUST BROKE MY HEART FOR SO MANY REASONS I AM IN TEARS CAN THEY GET AN AWARD FOR THE WHOLE YOUNGBLOOD CHRONICLES LIKE AN EMMY OR OSCAR OR SOMETHING CAUSE IT MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL WTF