Multi Disney RP Group

  • Open to any indie RPer.
  • 1 of each character to start with. For example, there can only be one Belle, but there can be multiple Claras.
  • Normal RP rules apply.
  • Please have at least basic knowledge of the character your muse plays.
  • OCs are accepted.
  • Check to see if the character you want is taken on the character list.
  • Send me a message with the character you want to play
  • Message me if there is anything that you don’t understand.
  • Please tag all posts to do with this as multidisney, and track this tag if you join!
  • Please reblog this post if you join, so that more people can see it.

anonymous asked:

For the Disney thing, how do we rp with it? Also, do our characters take that Disney character's background

[ Hey there, nonnie! You just have to find other people who are in the Disney group, and plot a thing with them like a normal rp. Except using your Disney!muse. It’ll be easier if the other people are from the same movie as your muse, but if you can make it work with any of the others, that’s cool too!

And yes, you do. I’ll use Clara and Belle for my example again. Clara will take Belle’s place in the movie, except her name and personality will stay the same. Now, some things about Belle aren’t known, for example, what her mother was like, so I’ll be taking that from Clara, and keeping Ellie as her mum.

If that didn’t explain things feel free to send me another ask. I’m rubbish at explaining ^.^; ]