Every rose has its thorns! (This one also has the newest edition of Windows 10 too!)

Your next judge, and second rotating mentor this cycle is Cyber La Rose from Cycle 2, 4th Place and TDR All Stars 1!

Cyber is no TDR rookie, evolving ever since her time on the 2nd cycle as well as participating in All Stars 1 and Spin-Offs of TDR, such as What’s In Your Closet? From Grands Rapids, Michigan, she’s became a local success, utilizing her remarkable sewing skills and explosive creativity to battle it out through Grand Rapids Drag Race Season One, and the recent edition of Grand Rapids Drag Race: All Stars. Will you be able to bud and flourish like this TDR veteran?

Our final judge is Young and Beautiful, so we’re asking you to say Gimme Gimme Gimme, and get the note count to 30! Help Yourself! <3


I just realized that my friend, my sister and I, appear on the last Married to Jonas episode!! we were literally on the last place on the Arena, we didn’t have money for this concert so we buy outside the venue whit the last cash we have, after travelling more than 800 km to see them in Viña del mar festival. but this is a reward, is stupid I know, but makes me happy