Jackass!MC wanting RFA to join her squad

[Note: You gathered up your jackass crew and had agreed to let the jackass activity be personalized only for you and your s/o in all of the hcs! This way it would be funner for the s/o and it’ll be easier for you to convince them!]
 (This is such a random prompt???)

- “What’s a jack… Butt?”
- You explain it to him and he’s immediately concerned.
- How many people do this with you??? Why do you find this fun??? Is it safe???
- no but he wouldn’t know that.
- Yoosung was extremely nervous but extremely cute with his classic jackass get-up that consisted of a green helmet with a star on the side, his jumpsuit that had ‘shooting star’ sewn into it and some unlaced, old, brown boots. Your friend started filming both of you.
- “Hi, my name’s [Add some ridiculous nickname], this is Shooting star and welcome to Jackass. This is 'Build a Guild’ ”
- The game consisted of you and him on customized shopping-carts; you had to convince people to join your 'guild.’ Your 'guild’s’ goal was to knock the other party out of the shopping cart while you two raced down a steep road to a finish line.
- When your friend blew a horn you ran to claim members. (People who agreed to do this were all around the area so you have to touch them and 'claim’ them)
- “You’re my guild member! Your my guild member!” “MC!!! Slow down!” “-This is how the game works Yoosung haha-! Go claim your members- hurry hurry! It’s no fun if I have them all!”
- boi he ran
- He started deadass sprinting; he looked like he was having fun, his competitive spirit rising as he ran and giggled.
-After gathering the guild members the real challenge started. You and a slightly panting Yoosung ran to your shopping cart and hopped on.
- And the horn went off.
- Nyoooom. “OH M Y  GoD MC tHIs iS sO FasT!!!!” You both started getting a face full of whip cream, bananas and probably tuna fish, but you still took the time to see Yoosung’s adrenaline filled face, his cheeks pulled back by the velocity as he screamed laughter.
- And then you saw it… The foam sword in the cart. You pulled it out and put your weight to the side and hit Yoosung’s cart while you battled him with the foam sword. He pulled his out and y'all started a sword fight, on shopping carts that are probably going 40+ miles an hour while getting thrown miscellaneous liquids and squishy solids.
- No one exactly knew who won, but apparently the road led to a lake; both of you hit a metal fence and went flying off your carts into water.
- You never told him there was videos of all of the Jackass stunts online because they were literally so dangerous. But because of his schedule he was only an occasional member, and you guys made sure to tone it down while he was on the show.

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Jumin and MC knew that their relationship was going to be hard at times due to his business trips and the fact that he couldn’t always bring MC. The goodbye was hard but worth it considering how and where the two had their goodbye (in the airport bathroom lol).

Tonight marked the ninth week he was gone, MC was at a lost for words as she walked the empty penthouse, hearing Elizabeth 3rds light snores from her place on the sofa. Usually, MC would wear an oversized shirt to bed but she wanted Jumin…needed Jumin. She sat down at the kitchen island and opened her laptop, attempting to facetime him but he didn’t pick up.

A sigh left her lips as she buttoned up one of Jumin’s striped shirt…since he didn’t answer, there’s no need to keep unbuttoned. She stood up and started to walk over the sofa that Elizabeth was on. Since she couldn’t spend time with Jumin, maybe Elizabeth will help…but at the same time, she thought this the past couple of weeks. Giving up on waiting, MC walked back into the room, her phone going off as she crawled on the bed.

It was Jumin

Not a phone call, but a text…with a video

MC excitedly opened it, hoping it would subside her cravings for him but her body ached to hold her phone and not being able to hear his voice. When she opened the video, a small, almost moan-like gasp left her lips. It was of Jumin jacking off before cumming on himself. Throughout the video, you could hear Jumin moaning for MC between pants. Need raging through MC. How could he do that to them?! In that moment, MC knew what she had to do. She called Jumin.

He picked up, “Hello, baby. Hope you enjoyed my surprise this evening”

“Shut up,” MC spat back and he listened, “when are you coming home?”

“In a few days, MC, I’m sorry…” his voice trailed off, obviously not sorry for the video.

“I can’t wait a few days…” The line went silent, followed by a few beeps signifying the end of the call “he hung up…what a fail.”

MC crawled underneath the covers, watching the video a couple of times before turning it off. She missed his little grunts and satisfied sighs and the video gives plenty of those.

Her body now feeling hot, MC took off Jumin’s shirt and held it in between her arms and legs, the lingering scent of him, making them buck her hips at nothing and groan from absence.

Eventually, MC fell asleep. After what felt like forever, MC could feel something happening to her lower half but brushed it off as a dream.

Suddenly feeling a tongue press onto her clit before moving in small circular motions. “Oh, FUCK!” MC moaned. MC adjusted her arms and propped herself on her elbows, looking down and making eye contact with her lover. Jumin pulled away, receiving a whimper in return.

“MC…” he whispered, moving up quickly so their lips could meet. Jumin’s tongue making no hesitation to enter and dominate MC’s mouth, creating a small whine from them. Her arms wrapped themselves around Jumin’s neck and pulled him closer but he would hardly move, keeping space between them. He let his mouth leave hers and examined her body, smirking, “I missed you so much, MC.” his lips started to leave a trail of kisses down to her breasts, stopping and letting his mouth do the work of leaving a mark. It’s been so long that MC’s body was free from the marks that Jumin left in the airport bathroom.

As his mouth sucked and pulled on MC’s pale skin, his fingers went to work, slowing rubbing on her clit. Jumin’s mouth moved over to MC’s nipple, letting his tongue brush against the erect nipple, MC let out a sharp breath as a response, her eyes tightly shut. Jumin left out a small chuckle before lightly nibbling on the nipple. Jumin pulled his fingers away from her clit and quickly inserted his index and middle fingers into her, moving his fingers slowly. MC let her hands find their way to Jumin’s hair, gripping it softly.

“Jumin…I need you” MC said through pants, her body already trembling from pleasure. “Not yet, MC,” Jumin responded sternly, moving his mouth back down to her thighs, kissing them softly before placing his mouth on her clit, letting his tongue move in continuous motions. MC let out a moan and quickly covered her mouth with her hand, another moan escaping her mouth.

Jumin looked up and sighed, “remove your hand. I want to hear you.” MC listened and moved her hand away from her mouth and to the bed, pressing her palm down as she let her other hand make its way to Jumin’s hair again. “J-jumin..please…” MC stuttered, her hand now tightening around his hair.

Jumin hummed against her sensitive clit, his fingers curling inside of her and he pumped his fingers quicker, “you’re close, I can tell.” MC nodded, letting herself moan louder than she had been, “you want me to fuck you, already?” Jumin asked in a low, rough voice. A moan was answered as a response, “I didn’t hear an answer.” Jumin asserted, his fingers stopping. “Y-yes…” MC answered, her body shuddering at the absence of pleasure. Jumin quickly resumed his work but quicker and harder, “I can’t wait to fuck you, MC. Fuck you until you can’t walk” A loud moan was heard between the two, “Jumin, fuck me already!” MC demanded. Instead of listening, Jumin continued to work his fingers, bringing MC into her first orgasm of the night.

“Oh, fuck, Jumin!” MC moaned out as Jumin let her ride out her orgasm, waiting a minute before unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off along with his underwear, chuckling at MC still begging for him, “Jumin, please…” He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it into MC’s entrance, lightly pumping himself, “Jumin, you dick, don’t tease.” MC demanded between small whimpers.

“You’re being aggressive tonight,” he smirked and listened, suddenly pushing his full length into her. MC gasped in delight as Jumin not leaving her any room to adjust to him from his absence, but still taking it into consideration with slow but aggressive thrusts. He slowly picked up the pace, keeping a steady rhythm, “you’re taking me so well, MC.” he praised, leaning down to kiss her neck. Jumin quickly pulled out after a couple more thrusts and motioned for MC to turn around. She listened and turned on all fours, Jumin quickly pushed his cock back into her, his hands gripping on her sides as he continuously thrust into her.

MC’s moans grew every time she felt Jumin hit her spot and with every thrust, he was doing his job. At this point, MC felt as though she could collapse from the pleasure. Only one orgasm and almost a second so far but it had been so long since her body was able to feel his pleasure, it felt like the very time they had sex together. MC felt one of Jumin’s hands leave her hip, which she was sure there were bruises on from how hard he was holding her, and between her legs, patting her inner thigh to tell her to open her legs more, and she listened. After getting access to an even better position for MC, Jumin used his now free hand to push down her upper half, face being pressed into the bed. “J-Jumin!” MC moaned. This was one of her favorite positions but refused to tell Jumin, afraid of him taking it away when she’s been bad. MC continued to moan his name, giving the fuel to thrust faster as well as smacking her ass a few times before he decided to bend over and kiss her shoulder.

The room was filled with echoes of moans, pants, grunts, and the sound of skin on skin contact. “I’m close…” MC muttered through her pants. She could tell that Jumin was close as well, his thrusts being faster and sloppy. A couple thrusts later and MC was orgasming, screaming Jumin’s name, and shaking. She couldn’t feel anything but Jumin’s cock still pounding into her and she didn’t want to feel anything else. “Fuck, MC, you’re gonna make me–” He was cut off before he could finish, his cock now cumming inside of MC.

Usually, they would take precautions before sex to avoid pregnancy but their need got the best of them. Moments later, Jumin pulled out and moved up on the bed, laying down on his back and pulling MC close to him. MC adjusted her body so she was now pressed into his side, head on his chest.

“I’m sure the whole building knows my name now…” he chuckled, rubbing MC’s arm. “Good. They should know you’re name.” MC responded, smiling happily. She looked down and let out a small sigh, “you’re still hard…” she pouted and felt Jumin shrug. “…and I can still feel my legs…do you see my issue here?” she asked, looking up to Jumin to see his reaction.

He smirked and nodded, “round two?”

“round two.”

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