Okay so I got a message from an anon asking for me to link them to a masterlist of likes/dislikes a character could have. I couldn't think of a single one that I've seen around so I made one myself. These are the ones that pop into my mind, you don't have to use them and there are way more possibilities than listed below. With that being said, enjoy!

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♚ masterlist of bad habits ♚

Below the cut you will a masterlist of 40+ bad habits for your character to have. Some of these bad habits are bad etiquette while some of them are bad speaking habits. Some of them are incredibly bad for your health and others are just unprofessional. Please like or reblog this post if it has helped you in any way!  

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shay makes a masterlist: cute names
So basically under the cut you will find a collection [50+] of both female, male and surnames with a cute, soft and sweet sound, meaning or I just thought looks adorable. Perhaps you could use it for a character with a personality like that. Do whatever you like, but please like or reblog to share or if this was helpful to you.

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this girl is hilarious