pssst you should totally write something with michael grooming lucifer’s wings where they’re all damaged and dirty from the cage and angry snarking and bonding (or not if you don’t like the idea but just a suggestion!)

(I always like wing grooming and snark.  I hope you like it!) When Michael firsts asks to see Lucifer’s wings in the Cage, Lucifer spits at him like an angry cat and doesn’t talk to Michael for days. He doesn’t ask again. At least, not until long after they’re free from the Cage and hunkered down in their apartment, where ashy feathers seem to keep turning up in the strangest of places.  Bearing in mind their previous “conversation” about Lucifer’s wings, Michael cleans the stray, singed feathers he finds in the assortment of places (how Lucifer got feathers in the refrigerator is beyond Michael) without a word.  It’s only after he takes the time to examine the feathers - blackened with soot, jagged and burned beyond recognition, all vibrancy lost to thousands of years in a dark, forsaken cage - that he changes his mind.

The timing must be perfect, or else he’ll be awarded with another flustered outrage.  Michael has long since learned that Lucifer is most amiable right after sex or when he’s drunk - though not a combination of the two, as he’s more likely to pass out than not.  So Michael waits until they’re in bed and finished with their latest tryst, Lucifer sprawled out on his back in a state of fucked-out contentment.  Michael lies beside him, watching the steady rise and fall of his chest, listening to his breathing slow as he comes down from the blissful high.  And when Lucifer cranes his head back, revealing the multitude of marks Michael sucked and bit onto his neck, Michael makes his move.

“I found feathers in the refrigerator the other day,” Michael says, and Lucifer stiffens, lips thinning in a hard line.  

“And?” Lucifer asks, all sarcasm and poison, as if it’s totally reasonable to find burned feathers in the refrigerator and Michael is ridiculous for insinuating otherwise.

“And, I’ll tend to your wings, if you’d let me.”

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As I was feeding squirrels in the park, I noticed a small one that didn’t seem to trust me. While the others came close enough to eat out of my hand, he kept his distance. I threw a peanut his way. He edged up, grabbed it nervously, and ran off. Next time he must have felt less afraid, because he came a little closer. The safer he felt, the more he trusted me. Finally he sat right at my feet, as bold as any squirrel clamoring for the next peanut.

Trust is like that, it always seems to come down to trusting in yourself. Others can’t overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own. It’s hard, because fear and doubt hold on tight. We are afraid of being rejected, of being hurt once more. So we keep a safe distance. We think separating ourselves from others will protect us, but that doesn’t work either. It leaves us feeling alone and unloved.

Trusting yourself begins by recognizing that it’s okay to be afraid. Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes. The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear. Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I’m more open to other people. The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than any fear.

In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete. There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside. In the space where fear used to live, love is allowed to grow.

—  Michael Jackson, from “Dancing The Dream”

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Hey Michael are you still a virgin?

Hmm? I don’t believe my private information is anything of your business. *Sigh* Since Father put me to this…. No I am not a virgin. I do believe I answered your question.

Michael hasn’t left his room all day. 

They go through phases, like the slow rise and fall of sea tides.  Some days they seem perfectly adjusted, even if the shadows never leave their eyes.  Some days, they lose their grip on reality.

Some days are better than others.  Today is not one of those days.

Lucifer knows Michael hasn’t left his room, even though Lucifer himself hasn’t left, either.  There’s no footsteps, no clanging in the kitchen as Michael struggles to cook something decent.  There’s nothing but a haunted, heavy silence that crushes Lucifer to his core.

What Michael does during these periods is a mystery.  Lucifer never asks, nor does he want to know.  One time there was the sound of glass breaking and a thump on the wall, but usually it’s just silence.  Perhaps he reacts as Lucifer does, curling into himself in a failed attempt to hide from that which will always plague him.

Because when Lucifer closes his eyes, he can still see fire and hear echoed, empty screams from his fall and from hell.

He closes his tattered wings around his body like a shield, but nothing can prevent the onslaught of memories.

Lucifer hasn’t left his room all day.  Day turns into night, and he sits and shakes in silence, alone.

#9 - after your first time

pref: after your first time together?? ♡ thanks babe ♡


Luke : You open your eyes to see Luke already staring in yours. “Hi baby” he says. “Hi Lukey” you say. You lay your head on his chest. “Last night was great baby” he says. “I know, I’m so glad you were my first” you say. “I love you” he says. “I love you too” you say. “Shall I make you some breakfast baby?” Luke asks. “Yeah I’m hungry” you say. “Just stay in bed and I’ll make it for you” he say and steps out of bed. “Nice ass Lukey” you say and giggle. “Very funny y/n, I’m going to make some breakfast, be right back” he says and leaves the room.

Ashton : Ashton is your Luke’s best friend and Luke is your brother. Ashton came over one night for Luke but Luke forgot that Ashton would be there and Luke went clubbing with Michael and Calum. Ashton asked if he could stay the night. You were okay with that. You watched a movie on the couch and when the movie finished he kissed you…

You open your eyes and feel arms wrapped around your waist. Your eyes open wide as you jump up. You let out a small scream as you see Ashton laying next to you. “Ashton” you yell. “What?” he mumbles. “We had sex you idiot” you scream. “What?” he asks and sits right up. “Your boxer lays there” you point to the corner of your room. “Fuck… Luke is going to kill me” he mumbles. “If I’m pregnant yeah… Did you used a condom?” you asks. “I don’t know, let’s check my wallet” he says. He stands up. Grabs his boxers and grabs his jeans and then his wallet. He opens it. “I still have the condom” he says holding it up. “Fuck, jesus, Ashton, you realize there is a chance I’m pregnant” you say. “Well it depends on your period thing” he says. “Yeah exactly, that was two weeks ago” you say. “That means?” he asks. “Jesus dumb ass, I’m probably pregnant” you scream. “When can you find out?” he asks. “Two or three weeks I guess” you say. “Well, we just have to keep everything cool and when the two weeks are over I’ll buy you a test thing okay?” he says. “I’m seventeen Ashton, you’re nineteen, we don’t have the age to have a baby, we aren’t even together” you scream. “It will be okay” he says. “Yeah, we will see about that later, I’m going to shower” you say and leave Ashton alone in your room.

Michael : You open your eyes and see Michael sleeping like an angel next to you. You smile at him and crawl out of bed. You put your pajama on and walk downstairs in the 5sos house. “Goodmorning” you say to the boys. “None of us slept y/n” Calum says. “Oow…” you say and look down ashamed. “You were very loud but so was Michael” Luke says. “I’m sorry” you say. “But it doesn’t matter, Michael finally god laid” Ashton says and high five the boys. “Was he a virgin?” you ask shocked. They all nod. “He looked so comfortable around… Well yeah the sex and I really wouldn’t think he was a virgin” you say. “Probably because of the porn he watches” Calum says. “I do not” you hear from behind. “Awh is the virgin boy awake?” you asks. “Now I’m not a virgin anymore” he says. “But you were and didn’t told me” you say. “Well, I was probably too proud to admit it” he says. “Well, I’m going to make breakfast, proud boy” you say and the other laugh at him and bomb him with questions.

Calum : You woke up lying alone in bed. Maybe Calum had gone out with the boys. You stand up and want to grab some underwear but fall down. Your underbody hurts. Mostly your vagina because yesterday Calum took your virginity. “God” you scream. “Baby you okay?” you hear Calum scream followed by footsteps. The door opens and Calum walks in. “You made me sore” you say. “I’m going to help you” he says. He places you on the bed, help you with dressing up and carries you downstairs where he has made breakfast. After an half hour the other boys decide to join you for the day.