Children crying. Chaos in the streets. Homes on fire.
Several thousand Michael girls slump over, dead at their laptops.
Luke Hemmings jumps off a cliff.
Michael Clifford cackles in the background.

But can you just imagine falling asleep next to a sleepy Michael. He’d have his eyes closed but still murmur a few hmms and ahhs when you’d be telling him about your day. When you’d lean over to turn off the lamp, he would snake an arm around your waist pulling you closer to him. Michael would sleepily nuzzle his face into your neck, and you would feel at home like this. ‘Goodnight darling, I love you.“ Michael would whisper, and you’d whisper back a quick 'I love you too’ AND JESUS PLS SEND MICHAEL MY WAY

His family member catches you kissing.

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He dragged you up the stairs almost causing you to trip while he was hurrying you to his room.
“Hey what’s the rush?” You asked him as you laughed.
“There’s no rush I just wanna do this.” The moment you reached his room he pressed you against the wall and connected your lips with his. You smiled into the kiss as you let your arms wrap around his neck. Michaels hands who were on your waist pulled you away from the wall and led you with him to his bed.
“You horny boy.” You mumbled against his lips.
“I can’t help it.” He laughed and pushed you down on the bed.
“It’s just who I am. I am horny for you 24/7.” He joined you on the bed and kissed you again. Deeper and longer this time.
“Hey Mikey here’s your laundry. Whoa-”
You had been so focused at your making out session that you hadn’t noticed his mom coming up the stairs.
“Oh shit!” Michael muttered.
“I guess I was interrupting something so I’ll just leave it here! Don’t forget to use protection kids!” She said and hurried away from the awkward situation.
Michael’s cheeks had gained a red tone and you just laughed.


“You look beautiful! Is this new?” His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt as a grin played on his lips.
“Yes it is new, so don’t ruin it.” You playfully swapped his hands away from you and he laughed. “I think both me and you know for sure that you wouldn’t mind me ruining this.” He winked and leaned in. “Cheeky, are we?” You mumbled before your lips met in a kiss. But Ashton wasn’t satisfied with just a kiss. His hands gripped your sides and pulled you closer to him causing you to feel almost every inch of his front.
He pushed you against the kitchen-sink and you let your tongues meet.
You pulled away from each other turning to look at Ashton’s younger brother. “Harry, shut-”
The boy grabbed the cookie-jar and left the room with determined steps.
Ashton rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I’m so sorry, I really can’t explain that.”


It was Liz birthday and the house was full of relatives and friends to the Hemmings-family. You were having a conversation about you and Luke with one of Luke’s cousins.
“So are you and Luke, you know, a thing?” She asked and you felt your cheeks heat up a bit.
“No we’re not.” You lied. You surely knew that there was something between you two, but you weren’t official. That’s why you and Luke had decided to not tell anyone.
“Are you sure? Because he looks at you like every other second.” You looked around the room to find him leaning against a wall, talking to his aunt.
“He’s not looking-” you couldn’t finish the sentence because soon your eyes connected with his blue ones. He grinned at you.
“Well if you’re not a thing yet, I’m pretty sure you will be soon..” His cousin nudged your side and you sighed. Damn you Luke.
Soon you felt a hand on your shoulder causing you to turn around and meet those wonderful blue eyes again.
“Can I borrow her for a moment?” He asked his cousin.
“Of course!” She winked at you as Luke pulled you with him out to the hallway.
“Last time I kissed you was three hours ago it’s making me crazy!” He gently grabbed your waist.
“Shhh, someone can hear.” You tiptoed and pressed your lips against his.
“For how long are we supposed to sneak around? Why are we even doing it?” His hands caressed yours and kissed your lips one more time.
“I knew it!” Someone burst out.
You both turned around to meet a very happy-looking Liz.
“Mom-” Luke started but got cut off.
“This is great! Y/N I’m gonna go tell your mother right away!!” She left you both with bright red cheeks and nothing to do about the situation.
“Oh crap.” Luke muttered.


“Babe! Kiss me.” Calum pouted and reached out his arms towards you. You both were currently in his bed, he was laying down on his back and you sat up leaning against the wall a little bit further down.
“Why would I do that?” You playfully answered and let his arms embrace you.
“Because I’m the best boyfriend in the world.”
“Hmm, I’ve experienced better..” You joked.
“Hey! Stop being so rude to me.” He made a sad face and you couldn’t resist those brown puppy eyes so you leaned in and kissed his plump lips. What started as an innocent peck turned out to something much more intense in just a second. He turned you two around so that you were on your back in his soft bed with him on top of you. He grinned at your surprised face and leant down to start trail kisses along your neck.
“Hey that’s gonna show later!” You giggled at him referring to the love bites he was giving you.
“Who the fuck cares.” He mumbled against your skin. Soon you felt his lips on yours again. This time his hands were seeking their way under your shirt stroking your skin that had gained goosebumps.
Suddenly someone cleared her throat which made you and Calum stop your actions.
“I’m relieved that mom told me to go get you two because she would’ve been scarred for life. Her innocent little Calum doing that to Y/N. What a mess.” Mali-Koa smirked at you two and didn’t find the situation awkward at all. “I hate you..” A red-faced Calum muttered to his sister while she laughed and exited the room.

imagine you and luke are having sex in the restaurant’s bathroom and you’re moaning his name quietly and he keeps whimpering and gripping you tighter and then michael walks in and goes “hey guys”, walks up to a urinal, unzips his jeans and starts peeing like nothing’s happening

Yo I bet you Michael dyed his hair because Luke got all the attention for his muscles and the green cut off yesterday and he got jealous but then I bet you luke complimented his hair and Michael was like shutup Luke but then secretly was really happy and decided to keep the black for a while and wrote in his diary about how Luke likes his hair

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Mikey imagine about fighting with him and he calls you a bad name or says something about one of your insecurities and you get upset and walk out and he goes looking for you and apologizes (happy ending please)

alright, here we go!

it’d start with something stupid, like you telling him to clean up the dishes, because you had just gotten home from work and were just so tired, and everything would be fine until you hear him mumble something along the lines of, “’course i need to do everything around here,” as he passed you on the way to the kitchen.

you would stand up from your position on the couch, glaring at him, “excuse me?” michael would then huff and probably roll his eyes, before turning to face you. “‘Course i need to do everything around here,” he’d repeat, louder this time and you’d shake your head in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?”, you’d ask raising an eyebrow and then he’d roll his eyes as you started to list the things you did when he was gone and how he usually did nothing.

“At least I don’t need my famous girlfriend to pay for everything,” Michael snapped, having enough. For a second it became silent, before you let out a breathy sarcastic laugh. “That was low Michael, and you know it,” You’d say, both of you refering how he sometimes had to help you out with paying things because your mother had cancer and the therapy was extremely expensive, meaning that you couldn’t pay for college, so you asked Michael to help you out which he gladly did.

“I’m-”, he’d start, realizing his mistake but you’d cut him off. “Save it,” before stomping up the stairs, slamming the door behind you when you entered the room beyond pissed for the rest of the evening.

It was around 11pm when the door to the bed room you two shared opened, michael obviously trying to be quiet as he slowly walked over to the bed, where you laid unmoving, pretending to sleep.

The matress shifted slightly as he sat down on the edge a sigh escaping his lips, before he quickly stripped down, before climbing under the covers beside you, him just lying next to you awkwardly for a few seconds. Then he’d seem to make up his mind and wrap his arms around you, pulling you against his chest, holding you tighter than usual, as he burried his head in the crook of your neck, his eye lashes tickling your skin the slightest.

“I hate it when we fight,” He’d whisper quietly, “Everytime you run off after it, it makes me afraid that this time it was the final straw… I just love you so much.” It would be quiet for a few seconds until you felt him hug you even tighter, a small sniffle following, “I’m sorry.”

You’d just smile softly, sqeezing one of his hands that laid on your stomach, reassuring him and telling him silently that he was forgiven.

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