Meryl, what can I say? That like most people in the world I have been in love with you for years? That the two movies we did together were the highlights of my career? That you were brilliant in both of them, as you are in everything? That the mantle of most-acclaimed film actress of our time could not be worn with more grace and humility? But everyone already knows that. What they don’t know is your kindness, your collaborative nature, your great, good humor… those things make you a dream to work with, and a wonderful friend. It is in the area of awards and accolades, however, that you show a certain … how can I say this… a certain selfishness that is unseemly. That is why I have spearheaded a movement in the Academy to cap the number of nominations per actor at 16. Which means that this could be the last time that anyone will have to stand up here and say, despite their personal feelings, that Meryl Streep is quite simply, the best.