from the fic “casual/formal” by supercalvin

basically, arthur freaks out over a formally dressed merlin, merlin freaks out over a casually dressed arthur, and morgana and gwen knew it would happen all along

i have also always liked this idea, and i was incredibly happy to see someone wrote a ficlet about it ~




Fanart made by citrus_lime borrowed from the merlinmpreg’s community

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He saw need in Arthur’s expression. It wasn’t the rattling, heated want that could only be alleviated by desperate, mindless sex. It was deep, bone-deep, soul-deep, heart-wrenchingly open craving for something that could make him whole.

It startled Merlin to see what he felt for Arthur being reflected back at him.

A taste of love

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by andiwould

When Arthur shows up at the coffee shop after closing time that night, insisting that Merlin prepare him a cappuccino, Merlin can only think how much of an arse he is. He’s not expecting Arthur to come back, not after their awful first meeting, but much to Merlin’s surprise, Arthur does.

Words: 4271, Chapters: 2/3, Language: English

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Maybe I'm a Crook for Stealing Your Heart Away

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by theprincelyclotpole

Arthur Pendragon fell in love when he was sixteen, and he never fell out of it.

A story of love, heartbreak, and coming together to be better than before.

Words: 1439, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Alright so i just finished that merlin book i ordered online the other day and honestly this thing was so merthur like :

ok, so we have the usual banter between the two, nothing really gay but it’s cute anyway

But it escalates quickly.Then we have Arthur getting all protective towards his bae

And there are suggestive paragraphs like this one

Or this one where Arthur is getting emotional thinking about Merlin

Even Morgana is into them

Oh yes he is a lot more than that. And Uther blames himself for being the reason why his son is queer

I often wondered : am i reading a fanfiction or an official book??