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Day 6 of watching Merlin: 

Alright guys, season 3 was amazing, but I still can’t believe this scene fcking happened. When Gwen and Arthur kissed I was like: “It would be weird if they put Merlin looking all sad right there”

and you know what happened? They put Merlin looking all sad right there

In my opinion, Merlin didn’t look sad because of how maybe Arthur and Gwens relationship isn’t bound to happen, but because Arthur kissed Gwen. I’m pretty sure this boy has feelings for the prince and I will not be convinced otherwise.


Somebody just burn this bitch already


Matching horses and clothes!

I’m on 1x4 of Merlin and ??? this is the gayest thing I have ever watched?! Merlin is literally moaning Arthur’s name in his sleep? and groaning “faster… faster”? like I’m only on episode 4 and this is already gayer than Sherlock and Supernatural?? MERTHUR IS MORE GAY THAN MALEC AND MALEC IS AN ACTUAL GAY COUPLE??!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW!? I’m gonna watch more kay bye

Day 6 of watching merlin (I may have spoiled some stuff here so careful):

This ass was trying to flirt and I am not to be told otherwise. Also, 

Percival is amazing

I’m 100% sure Arthur is not thinking straight cause of what happened to Merlin.  I mean, he almost cancelled the quest for his sake!

wtf happened to “No man is worth your tears” Arthur?

This scene was totally unnecessary but ok 

I wonder if this asshole knows

AWWW the knights gave them a moment! Also, I noticed how the knights hugged and showed affection towards Merlin, but then you got Arthur whos all like “Oh, I can’t hug you, other people may think it means something else.” And just pats him on the back but dude come on, we want to see him hug merlin, who’re we kidding?

For some reason, I believe what Gwen said was wrong and Lancelot did it for the sake of Merlin

Sorry, I’m way to obsessed