Arthur rises from his desk and knows that there will never be a perfect moment. There will never be a time when the truth will not bring complications. And he knows with all his heart that he cannot be patient any longer. Camelot is a dangerous place for a sorcerer, especially one who loves his prince and will do anything to protect him. And his prince will not lose his sorcerer before he has truly found him, and kept him.

Arthur walks over to the bed, and rests his hand against Merlin’s cheek. It is warm with life, soft with sleep. Merlin stirs at his touch, seeking more. And Arthur bends down to him, and wakes him with a kiss.

i just,,, i’m so here for that hc where eggsy was scouted by the intelligence depo in the military and like,,,,

eggsy being recruited for kingsman like he was before but when merlin shows the recruits around mission control and shows them where the weapons are made, because kingsman is off the thought that to use a weapon, you need to know it, and merlin notices that eggsy pays v. close attention to the techies in the back who are pouring over weapon schematics and are in the midst of assembling a prototype sniper rifle wiv better grips and infrared sights far superior to anything else

and merlin casually brings it up later, when eggsy helps wiv valentine but he isn’t yet a kingsman, and merlin kind of draws eggsy to the side and mentions how “we need more people in the labs,” all casual and stuff and eggsy just kind of blinks his eyes up at merlin 

“yer sure?” eggsy asks, like merlin can’t see the glee that’s lit eggsys eyes up with an unholy glow and merlin kinda wonders what monster he’s about to unleash on kingsman even as he nods and says yes, he’s very sure about absorbing eggsy into the weapon development process of kingsman because Morgana - head of the depo - had listened to Merlins assessments and had noticed herself eggsys interested in weapon development and when she finds out that eggsy had previously been scouted by the intel and then the weapon department when he was still a marine recruit, morgana snatches him right outta merlins hands though merlin protests bc he was kind of hoping to train eggsy in as a handler and have the weaponry development as a side project

“no can do, merls,” eggsy declares, lab coat over his dress shirt and slacks, he and morgana looking like unholy hellions as they pour over a tiny rocket that can be slipped in wiv the lighter grenade to make the explosion better and worse

he’s great!” mogana crows once over tea wiv merlin. “why galahad recruited him for an agent, i’ll never know, his true passion is development, even a blind nun could see it,”

merlin kind of shoves his head in his hands and groans “what have i done,”

(after that, everyone kind of steers clear of the weapon depo, because eggsy is known to get pretty crafty wiv the explosives and he’s actually very terrifying, especially when he did that cackling laugh once, after he’d tested the tube of lipstick that melted the innards yet somehow left the skin intact)