neo culture technology, how to give to your newest boyband the worst stage name ever and a little summary of SME announcements [updated].

Lee Soo Man was probably worried that we all started forgetting SME, which is actually impossible, but he did his best to remind us who is leading the korean entertainment market: him.
Speaking about changes and news at the “SMTown: New Culture Technology 2016” hours ago, he dropped like it was nothing the news that SM was about to flood South Korea with singles and artists for the rest of the year.
Yes. The. Rest. Of. The. Year.

First things first, let’s put some order to the chaos that this sir has created. He announced that SME, starting this next week, would release a digital single every week of 2016. And you know how many digital singles is that? 52 digital singles *drops the mic*. And the first one is going to be Taeyeon, releasing a song called “Rain”, from which one we actually have already a music video teaser.

But that wasn’t the new of this conference, no. The big announcement was that the next boyband from SME was here. Ready to debut. Being true to it’s reputation, Lee Soo Man gave the boyband the worst stage name ever. Let me introduce to all of you NCT, or “Neo Culture Technology”. But that wasn’t even the big big announcement. What’s going to be so “special” about this boyband? Lee Soo Man introduced that new project more as a “brand” than a “band”. Because everything you thought you knew about boybands is about to vanish.

  • NCT is going to be a non-stable group. We have seen 5 boys in the newest teaser of the group, but the group is expected to keep on changing the members, adding new ones every now and then. NCT is expected to have 40 members (unconfirmed).

  • Why? Well, NCT is going to be divided in smaller groups, that are going to debut and perform in different countries of the world. Again, why? To target every market in the world. While the first unit (the one that we started seeing in the second teaser, called “Synchronization of Your Dreams”) is going to debut in spring, and is going to be active in Seoul and Japan. But other units are expected to debut and perform in other places, like China, South East Asia or even Latin America.

  • The members of each unit under the brand NCT are going to collaborate with each other, and the number of members of each unit is open to changes too. We must expect members going in and out of the different units, and we must expect new additions to NCT as well.

  • NCT is going to release the same songs in different language to target the different markets. As SME said they are targeting different markets we can expect songs in english, korean, japanese, chinese and maybe spanish. 

  • As I said, everything we knew about boybands is not valid here. And probably that’s why this is gaining traction. With that, SME is allowed to do almost everything with NCT, and that’s why we have to think about it more as a brand that, in a few words, is going to have multiple sub-units, that are going to perform around the world based on different countries, that doesn’t have an exact number of members, and where the changes are going to be something usual.

Is it going to work? It’s SME, probably yes. But it’s not something I can see as a long lasting project. What’s SME looking for here? Experiment. This is a project probably set to try new markets and new ways of thinking inside the entertainment market. But while it’s a big opportunity for the company, the fans are probably going to be tired of the changes after some years of not being able to hold on to something steady.

What I think it’s going to happen? At some point, SM is probably going to cut the changes and leave the units with its members and name, and end the regime of the NCT brand that allowed those changes.

That’s something big, really big. Both the opportunities and possibilities are infinite. And it’s probably something that just SME can pull off. Let’s wait to see how it ends.

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary Got7!!♥ #2yearswithGot7 (insp.)

It has already been 2 years since Got7 has debuted and look at how far they’ve come. Just a year ago, they were still being called rookies and now they are landing roles as the lead actor in dramas, getting variety show offers from Korea and China, producing and writing their own songs, and choreographing their own dances. I don’t even know how to express how proud I am of these seven boys and how much they were able to achieve within these two years. With your non-stop efforts and hard work, you boys will definitely be a group that will lead a generation.