On the Vol.36 Paper

Well, this paper was as random as I had expected xDDDD

My favourites:

  • As both Judar and Aladdin remark, Kougyoku as Zepar is cute but… isn’t it somewhat disturbing…?
  • Those two have the same reaction to Hakuryuu (”Of all people…”), which admittedly was my own reaction. Arba thinks it looks good on him; trolling?
  • Kouha my God.
    • Hakuei has the same reaction as Arba, but is more polite. Hakuryuu throws politeness down the drain.

viixenbriiar  asked:

How would SnB!Ja'far, SnB!Sinbad and SnB!Mystoras react to an s/o who is an innocent smol blushing mess whenever someone does anything affectionate towards them?



  • would blush whenever they do
  • it´s a new experience, being the reason for someone you like to blush
  • the little one tries to hide the smile when he accomplishes it
  • he doesn´t want to make his s/o uncomfortable with unnecessary thoughts
  • is flustered whenever they hold hands


  • he would be oblivious the first time
  • but catches on it when they erupt in a blush after he called them ´love´
  • he is so delighted at the thought of having someone so pure as his lover
  • Sin would try to memorize the way their cheeks flame up or the shades of red that they can get
  • it becomes his first priority to make them blush as much as possible
  • sometimes, he is afraid that they stop with the habit of, y´know? blushing
  • what if they adapt to it and won´t blush anymore?
  • well, there is also a bright side to it: he´ll be responsible for their confidence burst!


  • he´ll blush along with them
  • Sin would laugh at him for acting so innocent, even though he knows how dirty Mystras´ mind can get
  • poor boy will only blush harder
  • it fills his heart with an unknown warmth whenever he catches his s/o´s reddened cheeks
  • they feel the same! The same excitement that he feels when they are together
  • he´ll eventually overcomes his ´problem´

nana-aniki  asked:

[took inspiration from a famous set of fanarts] but consider this dear, Magi being just a tv series with real love stories budding between the actors. So there's the on screen plot, but then there's real life juhaku, alikou and whichever else couple we want :D

I love your idea!!! Seriously this would make a great au :)

I hope you don’t minding me sharing some headcanon about it:

  • Alibaba and Kougyoku’s actors had a crush on each other from the start which made awkward filming their scenes, especially the ones in Balbadd where they are supposed to argue and not blush on each other.
  • They became a couple on the midpoint of the series and once again it was difficult for them to film their scenes bc they kept on laughing and smiling at each other. Judal’s actor calls them “the gross straight pairing”.
  • Judal and Hakuryuu’s actors were in a relationship way before they started acting in Magi series. Actually, Judal’s actor who got a role in the series first was the one who prompted Hakuryuu’s actor to go audience for one of the Ren princes.
  • Judal’s actor is very jealous and he didn’t like it when his boyfriend had to kiss Arba and Morgiana’s actresses because the plot demanded it.
  • Sinbad’s actor has a huge fanclub and it’s difficult to keep his fans away from him when he’s filming on an open area. The actors that share scenes with him often complain that his fans push and kick them just to reach their idol xD
  • Scheherazade’s actress is just a teen girl playing the magi grandma. She’s actually the little sister of Titus’ actor and she has a crush on Muu’s actor.
  • Every new season, Hakuei’s actress asks if her character will be back to the series only to be disappointed once again. Morgiana’s actress always comforts her because she knows about unfair treatment.
  • David’s actor is the real grandpa of Aladdin’s actor and he only took part in magi because his grandchild asked him.
  • Arba’s actress has the opposite character of the role she plays. Everyone within the cast loves her because she’s such a sweetheart.
  • Morgiana and Kougyoku’s actresses are real life friends and they always ask the creators to put some Morgiana-Kougyoku friendship scenes. Also, in every interview they always say positive things about each other.
  • Speaking of interviews, poor Kouen’s actor is always talking about his nerdy historical interests in his interviews but nobody pays attention to him because he’s not really popular (except from us! You and I always check Kouen’s actor interviews out )
  • Finally, Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Kougyoku, Hakuryuu and Judal’s actors all have a rukh shaped tatoo to remind them the good times they had while filming magi.

Requested by : Anon xxx

“Can I have a scenario with Sinbad waking up his fem s/o with oral?”

Waking up in the morning is always the worst part of anybody’s day. The thought that you have to open your eyes, and actually move. It’s so much better knowing you can lay back and relax without a care in the world. No need to face any responsibilities. Sometimes you like to think that’s how Masrur feels. But you, unlike the strong fanalis, cant sneak away from troubles that may face you by going into the forest and napping. It would seem absurd for a Queen to do something so care free. The king however, seems to be able to get away with murder. He can strip, flirt and lay bare for all the world to see and all he gets is a lashing from Ja’far. On second thoughts, maybe that is punishment enough…Fortunately for you, today is your day off. A day to rest your sore muscles and eyelids.

Beneath your body, the mattress allows you to sink into it. The soft edges happily encasing you into a world of pure bliss. However, the silk sheet that hugs the top of your body shifts, causing you to groan and lightly swat the fleeting figure beside you. If he has to get up the least he can do is be careful about it. You note how his movements are different, but don’t think anything of it until two hands grasp your ankles and slowly begin to spread your legs, a long mop of hair tickling your knees. Panic rushes through your body as you sit upwards, eyes open wide and blood shot. You cannot see your mysterious husband, but his predatory purrs can be heard beneath the sheets. Moments like this you wish you didn’t comply to his wishes and sleep in the nude with him.

“Sinbad! This is very inappropriate-” Sinbads hands tighten around your ankles, not enough to hurt you, but enough to keep you in place as his tongue slides gently across your folds, causing a soft stream of moans and whimpers to exit your mouth. How long has it been? Days weeks? The thought of the king pleasuring you causes your eyes to roll backwards in satisfaction, and your back to once again meets the mattress. He knows what hes doing, he’s the lady killer of the seven seas.

“That’s right. You lay back.” Sinbad huskily whispers, his hot breath fanning over your heat, causing a groan of anticipation to leave your lips. “Just enjoy the moment my Queen.” Again, his tongue slides across your folds and he takes extra care to lap up as much as your wetness as he can, his hands eventually leaving your ankles to twist and pinch at your sensitive nipples. Perhaps if Queenly responsibilites meant allowing Sinbad to pleasure you like this every morning, you’d wake up more often.

anonymous asked:

Omg I love the frilly pink dress headcanon!! Can I get a scenario if Sinbad loosing a bet to his s/o leading to him having to wear the dress for a day!

Sinbads mind still couldn´t comprehend the fact that he lost a bet that he was so sure of winning. How could he lose that kind of bet? “ Remember Sin, you have to do as I say and no complaining. Those were the rules you set.” Sin only nodded as the dreadful feeling spreaded all over his body. “ Tadaaaa! Have fun sweetheart!”

Pink invaded his field of vision, as he tried to look into his doom. How is it possible to have that muchpink in one piece of clothing? And why does his partner possess something like that?

“ You know the ruuuulllessss~”

Well, nothing he can change about it. ´ Be a man Sinbad. You lost the bet. Take your loss like a man would.` With his mind being finally set, did the king take his unruly task. He spin another circle infront of the full length mirror, trying not to faint because of the sight. A knock on the door finally pried his attention away from it. “My king, the generals are waiting for you.” Why would they wait for him? There were no meetings today- “ And your partner wanted me to tell you how urgent it is.” Oh. Ohhhh. Well, he had it worse. Let´s show them what he got! And thus, the king left his chambers and headed to his meeting….Ignoring a confused servant.

~With the generals~




“I think it´s safe to say that we all came to the same conclusion: You are not going anywhere, looking like this.”

Meanwhile, while Sinbad was trying to argue with a laughing Imuchakk, that it was not his choice to wear something like that: “ So, what was the bet?” Drakon was nearly out the door, but the question had to be asked. “ Just about who had more lovers.”

Well, damn. Drakon did not expect that. Not the fact that they had so many lovers, but the fact that they had more than the lady killer himself.

“Well, congratulation.”

anonymous asked:

you know what have been a cute ending, if Alibaba and Aladdin went on an adventure together. That'd be nostalgic!

Actually, they kind of did…? With Mor and the other Fanalis, but they did.

Hopefully the omake will show more of the new world… .