the signs texting
  • starts a conversation then never replies: SAGITTARIUS, libra
  • takes like 5 years to text back: capricorn, aries, aquarius
  • reads ur message but forgets to reply: taurus, pisces, cancer, leo
  • starts a conversation and tries to make it last: virgo, gemini, scorpio

A very serious and educational art lesson:

Jean Michel Basquiat is an american artist from the late 70′s, he is well known for his primitivist/neo-expressionist paintings and also for his frequent use of crowns (sort of his trademark):

he was good friends with the ever so wonderful Keith Haring,

who even created Pile of Crowns for Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1988.

Harry (Styles) loves JM Basquiat, (he even calls him The King, i love harry)


my insider confirms that harry bought the shirt