“Idris Elba dons his infamous Luther coat to uncover a serious case of hilarity in an unmissable sketch originally for Sport Relief 2016.”


Ladies and Gentlemen… for the last time, Obama and Luther. Official material.



This time, Luther speaks for all of us

Gosh~ It’s time to open the RAVEN FANCLUB~

The fanclub activities so far are:
- stalking raven
- admiring raven
- trying to imitate raven’s coolness
- trying to get his attention

to all the new members, good luck! ♢w♢)b

(okay jk jk)

But there are quite a lot fatesonas who admire Raven as much as Floran does, so I wanted to doodle some!

Raven(-senpai) @ominousrain
Ari @arikentsia
Luther @mekesari

This Year in Fic

In 2015 I wrote no fic. This year, I wrote more than 56,000 words. Whatever else, I’m proud of that. Kastle got me writing again. Quinnshot made me feel like part of a community, so special thanks to those. This was also the first year that I finished a multi-chapter (more than one, even!) AND was happy with both climax and conclusion. 

To those of you that joined me along the way, thank you. To those of you just joining me, thank you, and I hope you can enjoy some of my earlier stuff! To those of you that commented or left kudos or liked or reblogged, thank you.

If I have only written one pairing for a fandom, it’s marked. If there is more than one, pairing/character is marked by the individual fic.

Daredevil - Kastle

the bullet and the gun. AO3. M. 664 words. Unexpected benefit of sleeping with the Punisher? Breakfast in bed. And acceptance. That too.

AKA Under Investigation. AO3. G. 2104 words. Their first meeting after she told him he was dead to her doesn’t go exactly how he thought it would.

ficlet. tumblr. G/T. 150 words. They call you an army, an animal, a monster. They call you the Punisher.

Teen Wolf - Allydia

ficlet. tumblr. T. 281 words. Embarrassingly, Lydia doesn’t realize she and Allison are dating until they actually have sex.

Suicide Squad - Quinnshot (masterpost is much longer)

sudden moves series. AO3. T to E. 30,303 words. movie continuation.

From Dusk Till Dawn

blood before the unbeliever. AO3. G. 494 words. Amaru. Kate. The nervous system is still Kate’s, in a way.

standing firm (on shifting sand). AO3. T. 1301 words. Seth. Kate. The ghosts of brothers lost. The first night after the Titty Twister.

no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin. AO3. E. 3989 words. Kate/Seth/Richie. Kate reclaims her body by claiming Richie and Seth’s bodies.

pedestal or knees. tumblr. hard T or soft M. 1300 words. Kisa, minor Kisa/Manola. Santanico has not cared for men or beauty since the two combined killed her.


stones from the river styx. AO3. T. 794 words. Minor Luther/Alice. He dreams a courtroom. It is filled with the people he has failed. There’s Zoe. There’s Justin. There, at the Judge’s bench, is Alice.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Gravebone (as a disclaimer, even when there are sexual themes, there is no sex)

they’ve got the kingdom locked up. AO3. T. 585. Credence feels wrong, somehow. There’s an emptiness in him where his magic should be, and he hunches around it, desperate to fill it. It’s easy enough to convince him that he can fill himself with Graves.

once upon a wolf. tumblr. G? 316 words. This is not a fairy tale. 

under the skin. tumblr. M. 251 words. There is something in Credence, right under the skin.

daemon au. tumblr. G/T. 585 words. Credence’s daemon never settled.

Rogue One

due light to the weary. AO3. G. 452 words. Bodhi/Cassian. A quiet moment on the way to Scarif.

battlefield prayers. tumblr. T. 144 words. I heard they live in the transmission.