Ive said it before and I’ll say it again…I believe the REAL Liam Payne has a huge heart. He loves his fans and always wants to make them happy. He worries about those he never gets to meet. He puts a big smile on when he takes photos with them. Liam has always shown his true appreciation for us and I will NOT believe that suddenly all that has changed. I always see how we believe other certain members of the band don’t have full control of their social media so why can’t we apply the same to him? Why is his case DIFFERENT when it looks to be that hes about to go thru the SAME thing another member of the band is going thru?? Be fair even if hes not the one you stan. Liam always gets so underrated and easily judged. But Im going to be here for him until the day he is free from all this BS and the world can see him for the beautiful, talented loving human being he truly is.