At the last moment, they realised that the best photo was one which had been taken by Cindy Palmano on the set of the ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ video. They had initially dismissed it as a sleeve image because they were wearing dinner jackets and bow ties. “Me yawning next to Chris,” says Neil.

'She’d done a session backstage, with a metallic background. For the very first photograph we’d just sat down and I’d yawned because I was tired.’

Unfortunately, the photograph had already been sent to Smash Hits magazine for their next cover, which went to press the following day. Desperate phone calls were made, and the Pet Shop Boys agreed to do a new photo session that evening for Smash Hits, and in return got back the yawning image.

“Then,” Neil recalls, “Mark had the idea of making it white and cutting out the background.” They knew it was good - “it was very un-whatever everyone else was doing,” says Neil - though that still didn’t mean Chris liked it.

“I hate the photo,” he says. “I can’t stand the way I look in it. I hate wearing a bloody dickie-bow, I hate wearing a white shirt and I hate the way my hair is. Straight after that video I had my hair cropped.”