Female Ravio casual outfit

by University of Hyrule

I’ll be attending Nadeshicon, a convention in Quebec city and I want to bring a casual cosplay with me. And I’ve choosen to bring my female Ravio ! So here’s what my outfit might look like ! I’ll have this wig and headpiece, the same I wore for my female Ravio at Otakuthon :3 

What do you think ?


Something I did last min, because I’ve been drawing too much turtles.

I don’t like the remake of the moon. It’s suppose to look like it’s made of nightmares. I remember seeing preview pictures of the N64 moon in Nintendo magazine and being freaked and unnerved. So this is my version of the moon. I may post the original pencil sketch which looks even more unnerving (colors actually made it less scary??)

I love the look of skull kid and I love the kids of the lost forest, but this skull kid in this story is such a jerk :T

I was actually all kinds of angry when I did this one, hahaha……..

(close up of skull kid included because I put a lot of effort into that mask!! >T)

Notions - 1

Fanfiction: Notions
Story Summary: The things that these mortals thought of were honestly ridiculous.
Characters: Ghirahim, Link
Pairing: Ghirahim/Link
Rating: G?
Warnings: None
A/N: Honestly just thought about birthdays and ghiralink, and this happened. Just going to be a few drabbles. (…hopefully. fuckingaffliction)  

Chapter 1 || TBA

Human celebrations were a strange and ridiculous notion. For really, what was the point in rejoicing on the day they emerged from their mothers womb? And yet all of the humans seemed to honour such an occasion in some manner - whether it was wishes or gifts, or something else entirely.

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