I wanted to practice my environment skills and things got carried away…

I’ve also been having zelgan brother thoughts, between Covarog and Ralnor, while they’re growing up. I’d imagine Ralnor to be timid when he was young, thinking he would never be good enough like his brother. Covarog reassures Ralnor that he’s priceless as himself. 

I can imagine Zelda and Ganondorf to be very busy during the day, and they’d be only availble at later evenings. So during the day Covarog would teach Ralnor some archery, although he’s not that into it. 

Last piece is the zelgan brothers are at a party at a far away kingdom to negotiate between their kingdoms on their parent’s behalf.

1st piece - 13 hours (I didn’t know what I was doodling at first)

2nd piece - 6 hours

wouldn’t it be so cool of they had a LOZ game where Ganon was awakened but Zelda and Link weren’t yet, so you play as a girl who’s supposed to be the reincarnation of Zelda but she doesn’t know yet, she’s just an adventurer. But this mysterious old guy is like “you need to go through this series of crap to awaken the princess and save Hyrule. She will be able to awaken the warrior who holds the triforce of courage” blah blah blah. So you play as Zelda who discovers she’s the princess through a crap ton of temples and from there you awaken Link and you can play as both of them for the rest of the game. idk I think it sounds sweet