YouTuber versus put together a new parody song and video of the popular Starships song by Nicki Minaj. They based this parody on The Wind Waker, telling Link’s tale in a pretty funny and unique way. As a warning, there is some suggestive material in the song and some cussing, but considering the song it is a parody of.. that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Still, it’s a pretty clever and overall funny take on a popular song from a few years back dealing with our favorite hero clad in green. Give it a listen above! - See more at:


Did You Know Gaming? is a fairly popular group of people that cover interesting and often unheard of facts for various video games. They sometimes release these facts individually through an image, or they cover as many as they can dig up for a game in video form. The latter form is what they released today for Majora’s Mask, the game that recently got remade into Majora’s Mask 3D. (Are you stuck? Check out our 100% Majora’s Mask 3D Walkthrough!)

It goes over many different facts, such as the origins of some side quests, origins of the name Majora, and so much more.

- See more at:

violetninjadragon asked:

Hiyo! Your blog is really great! I was wondering, are there any LoZ fanfics that you like?

Yes, there is! Now me, I ship ZeLink more than other ships so here’s what I recommend.

minijen16 has a trilogy, currently working on the third one. Since she is my best friend for a long time and getting me into Zelda in the first place, her stories are amazing. I think she knows the most about the series more than anyone else on this planet (fully serious). 

The first one in the trilogy is after Skyward Sword:

The second is after Ocarina of Time:

The third, in progress, is set after my favorite Zelda game, Twilight Princess:

They are long, detailed and interesting stories. If you love Zelink, you will love these. I love these the most out of others I have read. Hope you enjoy them! 

So I’ve been cheking proportions form pics of every HW model, and so far I’ve learned:

  • HW models have been resized, so all their heights aren’t as drastic as in other games
  • Impa has a really deep crouch, yet she’s tall like that, meaning she’s fucking tall standing straight
  • Lana is friggin short, while Cia is decently sized, however they both use GIANT HEELS
  • Twili Midna is not that tall in this game
  • Ganondorf’s feet are tiny for someone as big as he??? they are so small
  • meanwhile, Ghirahim’s feet seem a bit large for his proportions
  • Zant without helmet is almost, or about the size of Volga
  • Zant is also not as tall in this game
  • Wizzro is the smallest of all villain, one of the shortest in total if you put him in the floor
  • Epona is a really big horse in HW, we suspect she might be a shire hybrid
  • Volaga’s arms are larger than arms on human proportion; in other words, he’s got long arms

However, their stances in the game are crouched, so to get their hights I’m gonna have to do estimations of how they would be standing straight

I’ll post the results later