Princess Zelda medieval fashion

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ill take up on your offer!!! :D botw right? after ganon zelda notices the subtle change of lilt whenever link calls her 'princess' that is different compared to 100 y ago ;)

welp. first (short) zelink fanfic ~ i hope you all like it as i have never written with these two characters. ♥ feedback is great, and thank you so much for the request :)

He had been gentle, his voice filled with a different tone lately as he talks to her. While his eyes are soft, he holds something else in those shimmering sapphire eyes of his, too.

Between the clacking of hooves from their horses, and the way a single hand holds the Sheikah Slate in her hand, Zelda can’t help but notice the way Link looks at her from her peripheral view.

When she glances up from the screen, she notices the way the corners of his lips twitch, his cheeks pulling up as he offers her a soft smile, all while Zelda finds herself smiling back.

“I found many Silent Princesses on my journey,” he finally broke the silence before running his calloused fingers through his steed’s mane. The memory from long ago, when Zelda first showed him the delicate, unique flower piqued her mind.

“Ah. Has anyone found a way to grow them in captivity yet? I’m curious,” she placed the Sheikah Slate away, “did you pick them?”

He released a slight laugh, his voice like liquid silk before shaking his head. “No, I did not. And I’m not sure if anyone has been out into the wilderness to gather information on the flower yet, princess.”

There it was, that word again. Only, his voice would grow soft, and the way the lines around his eyes relaxed caused a lump to form in her throat. She’d seen that look before, actually. One hundred years ago, as he lie dying in her arms, it was that very same look.

A whirl of memories, as strong as the ocean’s waves came crashing through her mind, throwing her center of balance off coarse, gravity reaching for her body as her mind had been shook like an earthquake.

“Zelda? Are you okay?” He asked, bringing his horse to a halt before jumping from the saddle. Link was by her side in an instant, his strong hands bringing her own horse to a halt, then reaching towards her, but his eyes asked a silent question, do you mind?

Zelda had felt sick to her stomach, her head pounding as she slipped off of her own saddle and into his arms. He was careful with her, she noted. Not the type of careful the princess’ appointed knight would be, but the type of careful a lover would be.

She could feel his startled heartbeat in his chest as she came to relax in his arms, the forest scent wafting from his body and entering her nostrils. “Yes, I’m fine. I guess I’m still coming to my senses after many years,” she lied through her teeth.

Link’s eyes narrowed slightly, and while Zelda averted her gaze to the setting sun before them, she relaxed her tensed form within his arms. It had been one hundred years since she’d been this close to him; although distance and time kept them apart, he remained in her heart and mind the entire time.

Her breathing was finally relaxed as her emerald eyes glanced back to his melting azure eyes, still filled with concern, but his jaw was now tensed like he wanted to say something. From the way the rays of light reflected from his golden hair and high cheek bones, he looked almost like a statue, created from the Goddess herself.

“I do remember you–” he spoke softly, and her heart pace had immediately picked up again, only this time, accompanied by a flock of butterflies in her stomach, “I really do.”