Moar scribbles! I been playing ST a lot lately and there’s plenty of cute scenes in it, the beginning being one of my favorites~ 
(His kneel is different but we’ll live :p) 

Also I’m planning to possibly making this a full on Zelda related blog (and my other blog becoming my personal/sometimes nsfw blog.) Those of you who follow for IZ, sorry I don’t know when I’ll draw them again, but if I do, it’ll be on the other blog. 


yooo this is just like really cool and i thought it deserves to be on this blog

Nice! The artist who made this is Theophany– you can support them by subscribing to their YouTube channel or by checking out his other works on Loudr

You can download the song here


Any good adventurer like Link needs a (1) trusty satchel to hold all of their equipment like this (4) Kokiri-green journal to write down all those song notes and log your adventures. (It’s also really handy for keeping Princess Zelda’s official signature!)

To stay hydrated, carrying around (2) a water bottle is perfect for holding some nutritious lon lon milk. This (5) cute green pouch will keep all of your coins - er, I mean - rupees safe.

For listening to all those sweet Legend of Zelda soundtracks, these (3) pair of Ocarina-blue earbuds are perfect and this sparkly case is great for turning a phone into your very own Navi. Throwing all those deku nuts must be tiring, so to keep up your strength, (6) a bag of delicious nuts makes a great, healthy snack!

With this bag, you and Link are ready to face some cuccos and save Hyrule!

{Get Link’s Bag!}