inspector-carson asked:

Could you maybe draw some more casual interactions between Link and Tatl? I really liked the whole "chill babysitter" thing from (I think it was) yesterday's post

Here’s a teaser for you ok?? :) I got more sketches, but I’m trying to color them too and I’m kinda terrible at that atm (so it’s taking longer~~)! These are a blast to do btw, Link and Tatl are just an aaaaawesome duo!


ムジュラ詰め合わせ by ゲB on pixiv

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I debated posting this, but I randomly just saw someone speaking of “people born with talent”, and not being good themselves and I just felt like interfering here. I don’t believe in people “born with talent” per say. I think there’s always that percentage of innate talent, but for the rest, you just have to work. A lot. And if you don’t have that innate talent, you just have to work harder, but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. Just don’t do nothing because you think you can’t, that is a waste of improving time, and I wasted years like this.

Here’s a little example of how I changed my style quite a lot during the years. That first drawing there is dated march 20th, 2005. That is 10 years ago. I had my manga phase like a lot of people.

Moving on to the second set, made in april 2012. I was then in my 2nd year of animation at school, barely starting to explore styles and trying to find my own.

The third one was a few months after I finished school, october 2013. Style evolved, I thought I found mine, but even if I was done with school, this was just the beginning.

Which leads us to that last set, april 2015. I can only hope that in a year, I’ll have drawn enough that I’ll go back to it and think “what the hell is that”. This is half a lesson to myself too, but just never stop practicing and exploring. There’ll never be an end to improvement, even after 50 years of doing something.

TL;DR: Keep drawing kids (or whatever else it is you want to do)~