Baby lioness posing on the log by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
One of the cubs came quite close and I could shot this cute picture!

Back and bicep workout that nearly made me vom tbh


Rower 2500m
Lat pulldown lightweight 3x12

Deadlift x1, x3, x5, x3, x1+, x3, x5+

T-bar row 3x8
Rear delts 3x10
Lat pulldown heavy 3x8
EZ bar bent over row 3x10
Cable row 3x12
Close-grip lat pulldown 3x10
Dumbbell row 3x12

EZ bar bicep curls 3x10
Dumbbell hammer curls 3x12
Preacher curls 3x12
Cable bicep curls 3x10

Rower 500m

Vacay exercise

I got up this morning and did some light calisthenics in my hotel room.

13 push-ups
15 squats
20 sit-ups
30 seconds of jumping jacks + 30 seconds running in place
7 rounds

THEN, I had the bright idea of walking from my hotel to Battery Island so I can go see the Statue of Liberty. 3.5 mile walk. Its a beautiful day in NYC; sunny, light breeze, 60 degrees. I enjoyed seeing the city. The Statue of Liberty is amazing. The views of the city from the ferry are gorgeous. My legs are tired boss. LOL I should make it back to the hotel just in time for happy hour.

Okay but like the fact that su critical communities exist to begin with is wild.

Like. Other fandoms have their critical tags, but I have yet to see any get as much attention as su’s.

It’s gotten so bad that people have to make seperate blogs to avoid trouble on their main because for some reason, people get up in arms even if you dare say something as small as “The animation here looks a little wonky” while still being a fan of the show.

And yet the harassment, the claims of ‘nitpicking’ the straight up bullying just because someone DARED to point out a flaw in your “perfect progressive media” still continues even on these blogs.

Seriously. No other fucking fandom is this awful when it comes to criticism???

Other things!!!! Have critical tags!!!! You don’t really hear about people getting DEATH THREATS just because they were critical of adventure time!

“There are literally blogs DEDICATED to trash talking su”

@people that say this shit I hope you realize running a tumble blog isn’t like some big commitment? Its not like it takes hours upon hours to make content for a side blog (or even a main) or just slapping a code in for a theme if there just happens to be one.

People make side blogs for organization purposes tbh. Its much easier than having to tag every single post w/ something like ‘su critical’

And so what if people make blogs? They make blogs and use this tag for a reason. To separate it from folks that don’t wanna see su critical shit. Nobody’s making you go to this tag. Nobody told you to find these blogs.

Let people have their space to vent goddamn