Plan for this week

Monday: legs
Tuesday: cardio/run
Wednesday: crossfit
Thursday: Back & Biceps
Friday: cardio/bike
Saturday: crossfit
Sunday: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Now that I’m done with the Labrada 84 day plan I’m back to designing my own workouts. One thing I learned from Labrada is its best to have a detailed plan. When I get a free hour I’m going to flesh out this outline with exercises.


Next two pages! I have one more week of classes and then a week and a half of exams, and then I’m home for the summer!! :) I plan on being more active May - August.

Chapter One - Part 1:

Chapter One - Part 2:

Chapter One - Part 3:

Chapter One - Part 4:


So, if you hadn’t guessed it already, there is a LOT of political strife and war in my comic. The Earth Kingdom is still fragmented and divided politically and ethnically. While the current government (oligarchy with a powerful military general / president figurehead) has consolidated power and international recognition, domestic support is based on unbridled nationalism, oppression, and bribery. There are HUGE disparities in wealth and political power, especially when it comes to sandbender communities. As such, the revolution really begins with them. Here is some concept art I’ve done of a few rebels! They aren’t all sandbenders, but they come from localities and families affected by inequality, or they simply want to fight for democracy and freedom. The top four are part of the Red Sand Rebels, a small but growing group of revolutionaries. The bottom two are volunteer medics - the girl is a waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe, and her mentor is a rugged (kind of an ass) doctor / epidemiologist who is searching for a cure to spirit possession mutations (he was possessed by a tree spirit while in the Spirit Wilds and misses his arm). He relies on his assistant for more dexterous medical operations.