When the signs get insulted:

Aries- “say that again, I dare you.”

Taurus- “Bro, i really dont care…but your voice is like this high piercing noise, so could you like shut up”

Gemini- *giggle*

Cancer- “wait a minute! you have no right to say that!”

Leo- “You wanna go there? alright lets go there” (gets really depressed about it later)

Virgo- “you wanna shut up?”

Libra- “i really dont have time for your shit right now”

Scorpio- A simple sarcastic “ow”

Sagittarius- “On a scale from 1-10 how much do you think i care…i personally would call it a zero, or is that too high”

Capricorn- "really? really? immature much?“

Aquarius- "Ha! same!”

Pisces- “take it back! (collects self) seriously can you like shut up”

N: N would first react to the spill and make sure there’s no serious problems. Once he inspects your rack and sees that his fellows members are gawking at you, he’ll scold them and then pull you to the bathroom. En route to the bathroom, he’ll turn around and give his fellow members another face full of attitude. “Hold still! Let me unbutton this first…wait…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL STARING AT?!”

Leo: Leo would freak out seeing the steam coming from your chest and would try and help you before realizing that he has to touch your breasts–breasts that are now on full display. When he tries to look away, he’ll see his fellow members staring and he’ll strangle the nearest member, hoping the others take the hint to look away. “Oh…Ummm…napkins, you need napkins. *kicks Ken underneath the table*”

Ken: Ken will scowl at the member that spilled his drink on you before tending your newly brown shirt. He’ll try his best to clean you up, but then get distracted by what he’s patting. Once he snaps back to reality, he’ll scold his fellow members for getting distracted and staring as well. “This shirt is ruined…*visualizes boobs as robotic pats of the napkin continues*…oh, sorry. *looks back* HEY!”

Ravi: Ravi is going to flip shit because he’s worried about your breast getting second-degree burns. He’ll jump to his feet and start yelling for napkins, ice, and for someone to call an ambulance. In other words, he’ll overreact, however, he’ll still notice when his fellow members look too long at your breasts. “Oh, shit! Are you-ARGH!-someone call-STOP LOOKING AT HER ERECT NIPPLES AND CALL THE AMBULANCE!”

HongBin: HongBin will be worried for you, but when you assure him that you’re fine, he’ll glare at the member who spilled the drink on you–pissed off level clearly showing. Once he sees the looks your chest is getting, he’ll start scolding everyone at the table before dragging you to the bathroom. “I’m sorry about those idiots. They act like they’ve never seen a stained shirt before. But, don’t worry. I’ll soak this for you with this special detergent I have, bleach it if necessary, and then iron it for you.”

Hyuk: No one will be able to get a good luck at your chest because Hyuk will have stuffed so many napkins down your shirt to the point that you will have the round torso of a snow woman. The other members would be too busy laughing, while poor Hyuk continues to make sure you get wiped up. “You all are laughing, but who’s touching the boobs?! *laughing ceases* That’s what I thought.”

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