What the signs feel insecure about in relationships

(Venus and sun sign is applicable)

Aries: Their body.

Taurus: Their partners loyalty.

Gemini: Feeling like they’re annoying.

Cancer: Feeling like they’re too much to handle.

Leo: Feeling like they have to compete with their lover.

Virgo: Not meeting their lovers expectations.

Libra: Not being good enough.

Scorpio: Partners past lovers.

Sagittarius: Feeling like they can’t be honest.

Capricorn: Feeling like they’re failing their lover.

Aquarius: Losing their connection.

Pisces: Everything.

Check Mars

When you are angry you are animated and your face becomes red and you become loud and physical. People feel like there’s a thunder that will hit them out of nowhere when they are around you:

Taurus, Aries, Capricorn, Leo

When you are angry you become so cold, sarcastic and so very calm and you have a death stare that makes people feel like dying. You will be surround with an aura that is so dark and empty and people won’t come near you:

Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Virgo

When you are angry you will say the most meanest horrendous things ever and you will reveal the weakness of the person who made you angry and they will feel so little in front of you:    

Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


The Star Signs series [Batch #1]

⋆ Virgo ♍️ 

Because Virgo is an Earth sign, I used earth tone colors and flowers on her head. I made her hair looked soft and not messy to symbolize Virgo’s tenderness and being organized.

⋆ Leo ♌️

Since Leo depicts royalty and power, I used golds with a touch of reds because of its fire element. I made the shape of her hair a bit similar to a lion’s mane.

⋆ Cancer ♋️

I resembled the shape and color of her hair to a crab. I made her eyeshadow and eyes like the colors of the sea. Hope you’ll notice the symbol on her forehead too!

P A T R E O N  |  S T O R E  |  F A C E B O O K  |  I N S T A G R A M  |  Y O U T U B E |  T W I T T E R  |  P A I G E E  |  D E V I A N T A R T

  • [At Starbucks]
  • Virgo:*standing in a long ass line*
  • Leo:*walks up to Virgo and grabs his hand* This is crazy.
  • Virgo:*looks at Leo* Um...
  • Leo:*looks at Virgo* You’re not my boyfriend.
  • Taurus:*from behind Virgo and Leo* You’re holding the wrong hand, Leo.
  • Leo:You sure?
  • Virgo:Yeah, we’re sure.
  • Leo:I feel compelled to finish this Starbucks experience with you.
  • Virgo:I’m not paying.
  • Leo:Nevermind, I’m going back to my boyfriend.
  • Taurus:I’m not paying either.
  • Aries:*at the front of the line* Come hold my hand, man. I’ll buy you anything you want.
  • Leo:*goes to hold Aries' hand* At least somebody cares about me.