Leo – Sunshine All Year Long

Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by the sun. Therefore, it fits that the time of Leo takes place during the time of year where the days are the longest, giving the sun its opportunity to shine. Many Leo’s draw energy from the sun and will spend as much time outdoors, basking in the sunlight, as possible. Leo is a fixed sign are born during the middle of the summer, where the weather does not fluctuate regularly, similar to Leo’s personality. They stay true to themselves and stay who they are no matter what the weather brings. The Leo time of year represents what this sign stands for. It is a fun time where school is out for children and Leo is the sign of the child. This sign wants to play all day and life revolves around having fun. In the summer there is less responsibility and Leo’s are not generally responsible, they will let others handle responsibilities for them. However, people will forgive Leo due to their big hearts and the fact they are so much fun to be around. Like the blazing sun, Leo has the ability to bring joy and sunshine to life all year long.


Mikey +Fighting

I hate when people say Mikey can’t take care of himself, that he needs his brothers to bail him out of all trouble.  That’s not true!  On multiple occasions Splinter says Mikey is the most talented turtle he just needs to apply himself.  "Well he doesn’t ever fight.  He just runs away.“ No! Mikey’s fighting is dodging.  He uses his opponent’s momentum against themselves. He lets them take themselves down.  And he doesn’t even have to lift a finger.  And if that isn’t the most epic and pacifist fighting style there is then you can get out right now.

Mikey is a lover not a fighter, but he knows sometimes bad people do bad things.  BUT HE WON’T LET THEM CHANGE HIS VALUES!  He isn’t going to let them make him fight.  He’s going to make jokes and allow the bad guys to beat themselves up.  Otherwise he’d be just as bad as them.  

Mikey let’s his brothers be the muscle and the force and they allow him to be the carefree and peacemaker he is.  Between his brothers, between enemies.  Mikey is the turtle who never wants to hurt someone.  Not because a short temper, or necessity, or even for his own protection.  His belief is that you shouldn’t injure someone who injured someone else because that makes you as bad as they were.  The way of a true ninja! And it makes me sad that more people don’t see that.

Vixx Reaction #1

When they wake up to you kissing them.


N: OH~ jagiya I want another ( puckers lips)

Leo: *a little embarrass*  Goodness woman I wasn’t even fully asleep yet.

External image

Ken: Sooo…. I only get one or what 

Ravi: Oh… No fair, I was sleep…No Fair.

Hongbin: * trys to be sexy but fails*

“OOhh nice lips your got there, phaha”

External image

Hyuk: *shocked*   “hahahaha what was that for”



HI HI HI eberybody ~Here I present V.I.X.X~ VIXX inmida

Yeah so this one wasn’t that good BUT I still like.

Request are open but no one is requesting. So if you are the first to request for anything, like: Reaction (those are fun), Preference (need more ideas), and Scenarios (haven’t done one yet).

So please don’t hesitate to request. (Even if its  mature, or rated, or whatever you want to call it)


How The Signs Respond To A Compliment

Aries: Oh, thanks! You too!

Taurus: What? Why?

Gemini: *starts singing a song that has the word “wonderful” in it*

Cancer: What do you mean? *internally blushing*

Leo: Oh you! Stop it!

Virgo: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Libra: *giggles softly* I learn from the best.

Scorpio: Now say it again and mean it.

Sagittarius: Am I supposed to say you’re wonderful too? Because you are!

Capricorn: yea… *internally thinking of a million reasons why you’re complimenting them.*

Aquarius: Define wonderful.

Pisces: *blushes* nooo, you’re too kind

안녕하세요~ ^^ how are you?:3 Could you do VIXX and Block B reaction of how would the boys react if you (gf) surprise them by going to their concert / music program and while they're on stage they'd see you in the audience.

**안녕! Sorry it took so long, here you go, love :) longdistancefangirl



“Oh, jagi! You’re here! Wow! Hi! I love you!" 

"Oh no….” *praying he doesn’t mess up*

*shocked giggles* “Hyung, look! She’s here.." 

*spots you and winks* "Oh, I hope no one noticed that…” (silly Bean <3)

*spots you while zoning out* “Oh! Hi!” *happy Ken*

Block B: 

*gets down to your eye level* “Hey jagi…” (Oh god I just made myself die.)

B Bomb: 
“Oh hi there.” O_O

*can’t even believe it*

doesn’t care if he’s on stage* “Kiss meh!”

“Sup jagi! Love you gurl…” *points to you*

U Kwon: 
*does a sexy happy dance to show off for you*

“Oh hey there sexy…” *muah*