things you shouldn’t say to a beatles fan
  • why is paul holding his guitar backwards
  • who is james
  • who is richard
  • who is brian/eppy/george/neil
  • one direction are better
  • i don’t get why they were so famous
  • ringo is the worst
  • which ones are still alive
  • i bought this beatles top bc it was nice but i don’t really know any of their songs!!! apart from daydream believer!!!

and, my friends, the one most important phrase that will get you eternally banished by any beatles fan:

  • mclennon wasn’t real

reblog to save a life

Another time, John and I were chatting in my office when he suddenly paused in mid-sentence: “Is that Paul?” I was taken aback, because there was no one else in the office or visible on the sidewalk outside the window. I asked John whom he meant. He had heard Paul McCartney’s voice singing from my radio upstairs. I wasn’t even aware the radio was on. I realized then how finely attuned John was to the music of his former band mate.

- John Lennon’s eye doctor, around 1975