• YGE: A company a trainee can curse at and flip off during a rap competition, and yet are allowed keep all the money won during that competition.
  • YGE: A company where imitating the CEO is a necessity.
  • YGE: A company that if you don’t prove your worth & independence, you just might get looked over.
  • YGE: A company that doesn’t give a fuck about your social life, because after all.. it’s yours. Enjoy.
  • YGE: A company where ALL the artists reek of confidence on stage, but are actually dorks off it.
  • YGE: A company where the trainees wear more expensive clothing than most celebrities.
  • YGE: A company where the backup dancers, trainers, and cordinoona’s have more fans than some actual celebrities.
  • YGE: A company that pride themselves in not recruiting for looks, but yet manages to have some of the most gorgeous artists in the business.
  • YGE: A company that does whatever the fuck they want, regardless of what other people say.

Credits to the rightful owner~