Jang Hanbyul (formerly of LEDApple) has released the MV for “Dumb Love (feat. Linzy of FIESTAR),” the title track of his 1st single album.

1. 뭣 같은 Love Dumb Love (feat. 린지)
2. 봄이 왔어요 It’s Spring
3. 바람아 불어라 Let the Wind Blow
4. 뭣 같은 Love Dumb Love (Instrumental)

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though there were many ups and downs, thank you so much for the amazing past 5+ years. we, as ledas, will never forget the many things you’ve done for us. we love you all ♡ 

“don’t you worry. cheers… to the good times and and let us sing again.” -hanbyul 


Jang Hanbyul (formerly of LEDApple) has released an album preview of his 1st mini-album which is scheduled to be released on April 23rd.


Hanbyul (formerly of LEDApple) has released the MV for his digital single “It’s Spring.”

Buy “It’s Spring” on iTunes

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