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Yoongi with dark hair.... it's the most beautiful moment in life for me.... like....😍😍

Let me let you in on a little BigHit secret, we make Yoongi deep condition his hair like twice a week so his hair is as soft as a kitten… Despite how often it gets dyed… -L

You know what i really need? A variety show where the maknaes and leaders from multiple groups are invited to first have a counseling sesions to share all their hardships of being the maknaes/leaders and in the end the groups battle each other in fun games

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Yo fam for real there are already plans to bring down BTS on their comeback. The haters are saying they "ruined" the comebacks of others which is like WTF they didn't. The program is called "breakwings". We're gonna have to do what we did during the Epilogue Concert in Korea and counter act that with a better hashtag and support program. Please raise awareness and to whoever has a good counter hashtag please bring in the ideas so we can drown the negative out with the positive. TYSM

Why does everyone have to be such negative nancys? You’re getting SO MUCH NEW MUSIC THROWN AT YOU! BE HAPPY -L

SHINee would never be able to be but five … the way they stopped everything for the sake of their leader’s safety is beautiful … the way they will surely keep reminding him that it’s okay is beautiful … and the way they all are looking out for their leader is beautiful … jinki-ah be safe , don’t feel guilty , don’t be down , for us , shawols and for your own group mates , your safety is what matters