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161017 Star Show 360 Unreleased Clip

SEVENTEEN members were given the chance to experience hypnosis and they were asked regarding their concerns or problems. In this video, they only showed SCoups part. 


(Hypnotist - H        SCoups - SC) 

H : Please recall the memory that you had the most hard time through it 

SC : Before debuting, there was a time my grandmother suddenly collapsed. I came quite late to the hospital because of the debut preparation. 

H : How is she doing now? 

SC : She has gotten better now but at that time, I was really having a hard time. 

H : How does that memory affects you? 

SC : At first, it never crossed my mind that she’s going to leave me forever one day. But at that time, I thought about she’s leaving me forever. 

H : Did she passed away? 

SC : No 

H : So you are scared that she is going to leave you forever? 

SC : Yes. If she is not here anymore… Can I even stand on the stage again… 

H : So you are scared because of that. Is it because of this fear, you are afraid and anxious while being on stage? 

SC : Yes  

(At the end, the hypnotist asked Coups to try and replace that memory with him just being late to her birthday party instead of being late to the hospital so that he won’t regret it too much and he also advised Coups to take care more of his grandmother so that he can become a better grandson after this. After he woke up, Leeteuk asked regarding his feeling and Coups replied with “I just felt like just being awaken from a sleep but all the memories are really vivid”)

*Most Korean kids are usually being raised by their grandparents because their parents are busy working, so they are usually more attached to them.

Screencaps from the video :

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