Young Bin as a boyfriend. [SF9]

Ah. Our Charismatic leader! He would be the best boyfriend! Sweet Binnie!

  • He would only have eyes for you.
  • He would be an amazing listener, and always give good advice.
  • Always well mannered.
  • Relaxed.
  • He would only move the relationship along as fast as you wanted.
  • Will always care for you.
  • Always keep an eye out for you.
  • Would send you texts all day, just to remind you that he loves you. 
  • Checks up on you all the time too.
  • Always compliments you.
  • You would go on simple dates in the park.
  • He’d walk hand in hand with you.
  • Your touch puts him at ease. 
  • Handholding would be about the extent of his PDA. 
  • Maybe some quick pecks when he’s feeling bolder.
  • Privately though, he would be a hugger.
  • He’d always want to hold you.
  • Pulls you onto his lap all the time and hugs you from behind.
  • Snuggler.
  • He would be very attentive.
  • The type to play with you hair.
  • Maybe even pull it up into a ponytail or something similar, depending on the length of your hair.
  • He would be very honest, but never hurtful.
  • He would introduce you to his members almost immediately, but whenever you were ready to meet them.
  • But his family, he would wait until he felt ready. Could take a while.

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