MASC (pronouced mask) is new to me. This is the first song I am hearing by them and I like it! They give me this old school 1st generation (lowkey Shinhwa) feel and I like that <3 so I will pay more attention to them. 

SF9 is…another group that I haven’t gotten into yet. But unlike MASC I know more about SF9 like I know they are under FNC entertainment but I just don’t listen to their music and follow their promotions/activities BUT….this song has made me a believer and I will be catching them out more ^_~ 

LITERALLY!!!!  I feel like if LC9 (if you know who LC9 is…you da real MVP!) had a comeback…THIS would have been it!!!! OM FREAKIN Gosh!!! I love this gives me VIXX Voodoll 2.0 vibes and I love VIXX! I have been following Cross Gene since debut and I am proud of them! They are doing well in Japan but I hope that this song might be they’re break through in Korea ^_^ 

Hey, Hey, HEY! :-D Before I drown in happy tears, let us rejoice in this pic that both Hyeonsu (formerly AO of LC9, now of Acemax Black) and Jonghyo (formerly J-Hyo of LC9, now in Circus Crazy) posted on their individual Instagram pages about a day ago. They know LoveBeats still cherish them :-) (If you don’t know, Wooseok – formerly King of LC9 – is also in Circus Crazy).

Hyeonsu’s Instagram Page is Here

Jonghyo’s Instagram Page is Here

Do Well, Fighting!, our boys!

listen (x)

a playlist to fight ur bias to

mama beat - lc9 // new world - madtown // hurry up - 24k // ouch - a.cian // justice - c-clown // going going - n-sonic // kick kick king - blast // level up - ze:a // action - nu'est // too g - btl // take a shot - hotshot // bounce - boyfriend // dont tease me - speed


I just remembered this exists and I am just so emo rn

My dad's reaction to kpop groups
  • VIXX: that one leader guy is hella gay
  • BLOCK B: they need an adult
  • B.A.P: you have my permission to date one of them, I'd like a son in law like any of them
  • BIG BANG: hella gay sparkle dragon and his blue haired boyfriend here with their white haired wrestling man, half robot and terrible hair guy.
  • B1A4: I'm embarrassed for them
  • AKMU: you and your brother if you were Korean and talented
  • NU'EST: they're prettier than you
  • 2NE1: I know them, they're your gay crushes
  • BOYFRIEND: when they're thirty will they finally be Husband
  • LC9: death defying hair and kick ass choreographed fighting

Can you all please stop mentioning LC9’s Mama Beat so often please?

YES I noticed it too like basically everyone who knows the song but there’s already some people getting salty towards the boys and they don’t deserve this.

The song was made by 어벤전승 (according to the preview video) so (try to)get at him and find out how the similarity happened or why or whatever if you really want but don’t you dare jump at the MVP members.

And I say this as someone who to this day misses and loves LC9 and cries because they got disbanded. So I’m not more biased towards MVP or anything but I say this in order to protect all of them because there’s no need for saltiness and bad comments towards the MVP members who aren’t at fault. And it won’t help the boys who were in LC9 either so….just stop y'all.