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(1:2)unpopular opinion: I don't really like Kristin. I mean, yeah she seems to make mikey happy , but since he's been with her, he's just... not mikey. I mean, think about it. Before he started dating kristin, would you ever catch mikey way with really short hair? Wearing a baseball cap? Or a tank top? Mikey away is one of the most modest men on the planet. Never before have we seen him trying to show so much skin or muscle. Or a BEARD? For god's sake, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER thought

(2/2)I’d live to see the day mikey way grew out facial hair. And the most significant change : he’s willingly posing for pictures. Mikey way does NOT smile for pictures. He has said before that he doesn’t really like to get his picture taken. And plus, kristin just generally seems like she’s not her type. She’s not nerdy, she’s not Into rock and roll, and she’s all overly-sweet and girly. I mean,I get that he SEEMS happy with her, but is he really happy?Or is he having to change himself for her?

I think his new appearance and behavior is less because of Kristin, and more because of his stay in rehab. After he went to rehab (not that we knew it at the time), that’s around the time he started acting differently: smiling in pictures, wearing new clothes, etc. He says in his blog post that “8 months in I have more clarity than I have had in decades”; he also says that he learned a lot about himself, and he’s starting to put his mental health first. I don’t think he’s changed for Kristin: I think we’re seeing who he really is for the first time.

electriccenturies once made a great post about how we used to mistake Mikey’s anxiety and depression for his personality. His shyness, quietness, refusal to smile, etc.–that’s not his personality. Now that he’s learning to manage his anxiety, I think we’re seeing who he really is. Plus, just because she doesn’t share his interests (and she might, we don’t know a lot about her) doesn’t mean they don’t get along: Frank and Gerard don’t seem to have much in common, but they’ve been friends for a long time.