my professor showed up THIRTY FIVE MINUTES LATE today and proceeded to lecture to the FIVE students who were still there (including me and kristin) and kept making weird jokes abt me bc she “doesn’t have children to tease anymore” I’m screaming?? I love her ajsjdhd

For Good

The way Idina looks at Kristin during the #OutfoOz “For Good” video says so much more than words ever will, as if inebriated by Kristin’s being. And the way Kristin keeps her eyes closed for the majority of it, almost as if trying to remain sane, penetrates deeper than a thousand knives.

Idina has always worn her heart on her sleeve, and Kristin has always kept it to her herself. Some things, I’m afraid, will never change. It is, however, exactly as the song they’ve been running away but that keeps pulling them closer more than they can understand says: for good.