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In this Seoul Life video Hugh talks about his experience on Korean TV.

Things I learned from watching Kdramas.

1. No matter how poor you are, you can somehow manage to have a different exciting outfit everyday. You can also afford to have a nice cell phone and pay the bill for it.

2. Girls find a magical method in which to sleep and magically wake up with their makeup all done.

3. Running away can always provide a thorough solution to any issue.

4. Coffee shops provide unmatched venues for conversation. Picking up tabs and sometimes even drinking anything are totally optional. 

5.The guy will dramatically drag the girl out with a classic wrist-grab. She fights it through another classic tactic: Yelling. But he just wants to, like, say something to her! 

6.No matter how rich or poor you are—be it in a pot or a cup—everyone loves ramen.


Coffee Prince - One of the BEST shows ever made