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Please watch this poor dad suffer in the kitchen as he leaves the fate of his rescue to his twin 4 year old sons; entrapment starts at 1:30.

Series Review - Criminal Minds (S. Korea)

South Korean network tvN brings us a Korean remake of the long running US series Criminal Minds (CBS). The 20 episode series pulls some compelling plot points from the US series and throws them into the much shorter time period of this version. Following the NCI unit who specialize in profiling serial killers we follow the team, solving cases and battling villains and demons of their own. 

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Hello my kpop fellas~

I was wondering, do you guys know where I can find most of the variety shows Super Junior appears in? Subbed, if possible.

Or just the names of the shows they’re in right now would be fine! Like, I know Heechul is doing Lipstick Prince Season 2, so if you have this kind of info on other members, could you please let me know?


In this Seoul Life video Hugh talks about his experience on Korean TV.