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Tudor AU: Katherine of Aragon and her children

In the 20+ years of Henry VIII’s marriage to Katherine of Aragon, the two had several children, but only one who survived infancy. Queen Katherine’s six pregnancies resulted in two stillbirths, three babies that died before reaching three months of age, and one living child- Princess Mary (later Queen Mary I). Pictured above is a “what if” for Katherine and her children who were not stillborn:

-Queen Katherine (center)

- Henry, Prince of Wales (back right) born 1 January,1511

- Edward, Duke of York (back left) born November 1513

- Princess Mary (front right) born 18 February 1516

- Princess Isabel (front left) born 10 November 1518 



地下室を増やしました。風の谷の地下室といったらアレですよね。誰もが憧れたアレ。もう少し広くできたらもっとうっそうとさせたんですけど、今は、これが精一杯(なんでもないですよ) 水路はみやびさまの料亭のを流用w



KamiAso Week Post Day 6: Technology

So for todays theme I decided to come up with a few headcanons about the gods and technology!XD

Apollon would be very enthusiastic about new technology, he would enjoy apps and social media, his favourite app would be instagram, because he loves taking pictures, especially selfies.

Hades would just be uninterested in smartphones, he’d have a classic blackberry and that’s all he would need

Dionysus would be like a modern teen, with basic knowledge of modern technology but he only had an iphone. his favourite app would be snapchat, cuz he’s popular but chill about it

Takeru would be an emo tumblr blogger, he would make “deep” edits of tsukito (like the one above) and the ocean. But, at the same time, he wouldn’t really understand most technology and so he would get mad if it didn’t work properly. definitely the type to throw a fit if the wifi is slow.

Tsukito would not care much for technology. He probably wouldn’t even have a phone, but if he did, it would be a samsung.

Loki would be a tech genius. he’d understand technology really well, and could probably rewire your computer if you asked. despite of that, he would be vine famous and love celebrity gossip.

Balder would love all social media, especially twitter. he’d be super famous on everything, especially twitter. all his tweets are really stupid but everyone loves them

Thor would be an android fanboy. he’d mostly hang out on youtube, and everyone’s group pics are taken by him, because unlike apollon he’s actually really good at taking pictures.