“I just watched Train to Busan recently. It’s not just about zombies and an outbreak… I really liked how Gong Yoo’s character learns through his young daughter and the others on the train about helping others. In the beginning he was just looking out for himself and his daughter and then he ends up helping other people. And I love how they showed the young people (the daughter and the group of teens) as selfless people, unlike how the media (universally) likes to portray us as selfish idiots.”


Aren’t you scared? I was so scared. I thought I’d never see you again. I had practiced that song just for you. That’s why I couldn’t sing. Because I didn’t see you. W i l l  y o u  s t a y  w i t h  m e ? 

train to busan (2016) dir. yeon sangho


Midnight Runners (2017)