Key for Grazia’s Special Men’s August Issue

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do the Bts/Shinee reaction when they are trying to tell you they want a baby? (Preferently SHINee but do the group you want, of course) Love U 💋

Minho: Instead of telling you he would try to get the two of you in the mood first

Onew: Would be in the middle of telling you he wants a baby, but you interrupt him to tell him you are pregnant and he gets excited and happy. 

Key: Would say it in a fast, joking manner, but when you laugh he would be like…I’m being serious

Taemin: Would be so awkward and tell you with a huge blush on his face (Tiny tiny gif T.T )

Jonghyun: Would be really cute and give you them puppy dog eyes