pffft…what are you talking about Key…we all know you speak English very well   ◔̯◔

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Since I don’t want to have the video on my blog, I’ve decided to make a separate post. When Key did his live stream earlier, someone sent in a comment reading, “I want to taste your sausage.” He began to read it, but stopped, then said, “I almost read it.” Can you even imagine how offended he was at having someone objectify him like that? Would you really want to have a troupe of strangers talking about you like that?

People need to stop sending in messages like that, because he actually reads them! He gets those kind of messages every day, and I can’t imagine he’s fond of it. This isn’t the first time recently that ya’ll done goofed, either. Remember when people blew up his phone early in the morning? I bet he didn’t appreciate that either. There are other instances too where “fans” were incredibly rude to their supposed “idol”.

Key just wants to live his life. Will people think shady things? Yes. Can you tell him those things? NO! Under no circumstances should you ever send him messages like the person from the Elle stream did. There’s a reason he stopped reading mid-sentence.

It’s because he didn’t want to read it at all.

So please, respect Key. He deserves it, and not just because he entertains us, but because he’s human.


Calling Minho


Key doing shy shy shy lol