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“Yes, but no one wants to have a baby with me, that’s the problem.” -Katherine Waterston

Okay, but can we talk about this for a second?

It is so obvious that Katherine is hurting because of it- her reaction after she said it, which the interviewer describes as a “horrified” look, nearly proves it. Her follow-up, “I’m not supposed to talk about it.” proves it even more. Katherine Waterston is sad she doesn’t have a child (and, I’m assuming, a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend). Think about it. Her career FINALLY took off in the direction she’s hope for since she was young, at age 36. She struggled for 36 years. Her career got on track when she was THIRTY-SIX. Yes, she got the role of Porpentina Scamander (née Goldstein) at 35- but nobody knew who she was until after Fantastic Beasts was out. She couldn’t even get a callback from her FATHER’S TV SHOW. Think about it. Being middle-aged, not knowing when your next job is going to be, not being in a relationship when all your friends are married and have children- that had to have been fucking HARD. To have society be throwing these expectations on you as well, that you need to have children and shit to be happy. Even my grandma said it: today when I was telling her about Katherine and I mentioned her age, my grandma said, “Oh! She must have a husband and a ton of kids.” and seemed rather disappointed when I said she didn’t. For Katherine, hearing that from people she knows has to fucking SUCK. She wants children and marriage; people are assholes and don’t see a wonderful woman when they see one. So, to all of her haters out there… step in her shoes.

Rant over. #ProtectKatherineWaterston


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Markiplier ego theories

Me, @melviiiis, @hittywoo and two other friends were having a markiplier ego video watching party and we came up with interesting theories.

-Darkiplier revived Googleplier after he broke in “Google Irl”

-Darkiplier controls Googleplier or manipulates him.

-The meeting the egos had was in Mark’s head.

-There are two sounds associated with Darkiplier: Wood creaking and a high pitched ringing noise.

-Google seems to be a robot in “Google irl” but he has become more glitchy so we aren’t sure what he is.

-The reason for his glitchiness is because he has strayed from his primary objective: to answer questions as efficiently as possible.

-Warfstache doesn’t have common sense/reacts too quickly since in markiplier tv we see him kill someone because they answered the question.

-Katherine can control all of the egos, she was able to talk warfstache down and if warfstache is the head of the egos then that means they are easier to control (maybe not dark)

-I like trolling people apparently >:3 I don’t know how they put up with me.

I might edit more in :3