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There were times where I wished I could have hugged then, told them that it was okay. There were times when I was more exhausted than them, working hour after hour. Especially this week, they got 2 hours of sleep per night, maybe 3 if they were lucky? They would come to the room and greet us and slump down on the chairs, refusing to look in the mirror. It was a pain to look at them myself. There was always more and more foundation being placed on their faces. It was almost like decorating a cake that had a destroyed interior - dry, hollow, barely able to hold itself up. I could always hear the dance trainer barking at them through the walls, screaming at them if they messed up. They never talked back. They would simply bow their heads, apologize and say they’ll work harder. They have always lived up to their words. Silence filled the building when it was dark. I’d start to pack up my makeup supplies when I could hear the endless, delicate voices practicing in the rooms down the hall. It was always past midnight when they practiced in their own time. It was hard not to cry when I listened (I don’t recall a time when I did not). There were nights when they would sing and abruptly fall into a loud fit of sobs and tears. They could not even help each other because they would all eventually join in.

So when the night finally came and I stared from behind the curtains and watched their final bow, all I could do was cry. To see these 10 young boys strive through all the obstacles and be successful in front of thousands of fans was truly an inspiration.

It was the fans that kept them going. It was the fans who stayed when Exo could not stay together in the end.

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The wound had not been fatal; fate intervened somehow and he could not be more grateful for it. But he couldn’t move, and he was alone. He knew if he could make it back to the mountain then all hope would not be lost, but there was no one there. Kili cursed himself for having ever wandered from the group.

Mas gusto ko nilalambing mga babae. Bat ganun.

Di ako tomboy okey? Siguro kase nung buhay pa mama ko, di ko sya nalambing ng todo. Nasa huli talaga pagsisisi… Pero mahal na mahal ko mama ko. Sobra.

(Raw Doujinshi) 3/14 no Hanashi

Title:  3/14 no Hanashi

Circle: Pinkch

Rating: PG

Pairing: Sarumi

Notes: This one is a really short but really cute doujinshi with a White Day theme. I think the first section where Fushimi and Yata are in middle school is Valentines Day (but I could be wrong), because Fushimi makes a joke about December birthdays being the result of Valentines sex. Heh. (Yata gets embarrassed, of course) Anyway, Yata gives Fushimi candy as a Valentines present. Years later, they’re living together (I think it’s actually set in the same timeline as Anata to zutto itsumademo and its sequel) and it’s White Day. Yata asks for a present from Fushimi, and so Fushimi gives him one… but it’s not chocolate, it’s candy. Yata’s not too pleased about that (geez, it’s a gift, Yata, and you’re the one who taught him that was a good idea, stop being ungrateful :P), but the candy is actually pretty tasty. There’s a line at the end ‘Candy = “I like you”’ which I think is Fushimi’s thought, reflected from back then (so cute).

Translation: As always, please feel free

Download: Mediafire

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He had saved her. It still did not make up for all the times she had saved him but this time, he had intervened in time to keep the orc scum from killing his beloved elf. And he had been injured but not terribly -not enough to keep him from searching for her when it seemed the fiery-haired warrior had disappeared.



Less than 12 hours. More like almost 10 hours. And I will be in the presence of my amazing girlfriend. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen you since the week after spring break. Its been way too long. I’m so excited that I get to spend my birthday with you. And I’m so incredibly excited to see everything you’ve been planning for my birthday. You’re amazing and I love you and I’m going to attack you and cover your face in so many kisses you won’t know what to do with all of them. I’m so freaking excited its 3 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Please get here faster I miss you so much this is driving me up the wall.