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[JP] Transfer Code System will change soon!

After the game updated to a new version about a month ago or less, Klab added a new “Transfer Code” system that will require also a Transfer ID for switching devices and keep your account somewhat safer. 

Soon, there will be two sections of information to put the Transfer Code and Transfer ID. This will be set up around April and after the end of Challenge Festival event that is now on. I’d suggest everyone to remember this and screenshot, write down or anything else your Transfer Code and Transfer ID as soon as possible to avoid issues or loss of your account by mistake!


  • Transfer Code: this code WILL change everytime you “require” a new code and whenever you switch devices.
  • Transfer ID: this code will NOT change when you “require” a new code. 

You can find a guide over here!

[JP] Avatar Boards: (KH 15th Anniversary) Royal Mickey & Minnie

March 20 - 27


  • 2500 jewels


  • [NEW!] Guard Up XL x1 (39% activation rate at max level)
  • Attack Up XL x1
  • Abi(lity) 1 & Atta(ck Up) L 100% x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Mystic Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x2
  • Cid 5 x2
  • Avatar piece x4

Avatar Luck

  • Royal Mickey Coordinate: Hat - Skill +9
  • Royal Minnie Coordinate: Headband - Skill +9

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[JP] Avatar Board: Terra & Aqua (KH 2.8 Release)

January 12 - 23

Cost: 2500 jewels

Contents (per board):

  • NEW! Abipura (Ability Prize Up) & Attack Up XL x1
  • Lux & Attack Up L x1
  • Guard Up L x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Sword Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x3
  • Cid 5 x2
  • Avatar piece x3 (clothes, hand/arm accessory, hairstyle)

Avatar Luck

  • Terra Costume: Gloves & Wristband - Rare Enemy +4
  • Aqua Costume: Sleeves - Rare Enemy +4