Snippet of interview from Seek magazine. I translated the Korean which was originally translated from English that was translated from original Japanese text, so the accuracy may be a little off. 

Onew x Key
K: Onew has become really docile these days and I think I know why.
O: Why?
K: You just turned 26 (in Korean age). Laugh. But, sometimes you act more like a Maknae. 
O: That’s because Key is too mature. You always provide fresh perspectives on things that make us nervous. 
K: We really have grown without realising it. (Serious)

“O: Key’s input is very important for SHINee!”
“K: Onew-ssi will soon catch up with me (Laugh) (Note: In terms of maturity)”
“O: I always discuss new opportunities with Key.”

Jonghyun x Key

K: You are writing lyrics and music these days.
J: Yes, I write music at home, alone.
K: When Jonghyun is obsessed with something, he doesn’t care for anything else. I think that’s one of your failings.
J:  Failings? Shall I talk about your failings then? Although all of them are things that shouldn’t be mentioned (Laugh). Is it alright for me to reveal them? Um..if I were to reveal one…Key always does things his own way.
K: That should be told as a strength!

“J: I want to be like Key to do things my own way.”

Minho x Key

M: I have never seen anyone who does not like to play with ball except Key. I really don’t understand it. 
K: Personally I don’t understand why Minho never goes outside to play.
M: I go out to play basketball and football!
K: You consider that playing?
M: Of course! One thing I admire about Key is that he has a fantastic knack for memorising dance moves. Even if all four of us forget, Key would remember everything. That is really admirable. 
K: I really admire Minho’s height.
M: What? Is that all?

“K: Our interests are so vastly different that I really cannot understand him (laugh)”
“M: Could you please try liking sports?”

“K: Could you please try going outside? (to do something besides sports)”

Source: [출처] 샤이니 SEEK Vol.4. 세젤멋×세젤귀|작성자 joysona