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Can we take a moment to talk about the hug ? How private and close it was, I can hear about it all day and I'll still want to hear more.

Okay, so, this is probably gonna be a long and emotional post but…here goes!

So, Tokyo Dome in general has been nothing but pure, raw and genuine emotion from us shawols and the boys. And with that being so, of course the emotions would overwhelm them and take over. 

I’ve had this theory for a while now, that the reason Jonghyun couldn’t/wouldn’t hug Kibum at the MMA’s is because if he did, neither would be able to let each other go. 

And that, like at Tokyo Dome, they would hold each other until someone intervened. And Jongkey have this thing, where whenever they look at each other they start to cry or cry all over again. 

So those two have always been a ticking time bomb of emotion and finally it all exploded today. And instead of trying to stop the explosion they embraced it and let all their feelings come out. 

This hug was like no other, not brief or for fanservice purposes, it was true. Raw and real in all it’s glory and each and every Jongkey shipper should be grateful and sobbing at their computer/phonescreens. There’s a very slim chance of something like this happening again, that they’ll break down and hold each other so intimately(I’m praying for something like this to occur again)but being that it’s Jongkey and that they’ve been ‘protective’ of their relationship(whatever it may be) This moment shall go done as rare, unforgettable and should be cherished. 

Just the way they held each other shows all the care they have for one another. And how long they held each other

How Kibum’s resting his head on Jonghyuns shoulder despite their height difference and the grasp Jonghyun has on him and Kibum seems so trusting and at ease in his arms. 

And another thing I would like to point out is this

The fact that the other three stood to the side and let Jongkey have their moment says a lot. It’s like they know something, because they’ve always stood to the side whenever Jonghyun and Kibum have a moment together. They back away and just let them be, they don’t interfere, they give them time together. And it’s just so precious ;; And sometimes it seems as if they’re teasing a couple who is rarely intimate. But when they are, the others laugh and snicker and ooh at them. 

Anyways, this hug…..shall go down in shipper history, in Jongkey history and shall be remembered through all of our lives. 

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Their harmony is beautiful


“actually every year when my birthday comes, what i feel is that, ‘each year, nothing much has changed.’”

while you feel like nothing has changed, more and more people fall in love with you every single day. you become more and more talented, more and more successful, and you gain more and more love. with each passing day, you make more and more people smile. you deserve the world, kim jonghyun. happy birthday ♥