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Just This Once

Chapter: 1/1
Word Count: 1,423
Pairing: JongKey
Summary: In which Jonghyun finally convinces Kibum to ditch class and Kibum is unlucky.
A/N: Stop procrastination 2k16

“C’mon, Kibum! Just this once, please. I swear we won’t get caught.” whined Jonghyun, jutting his bottom lip out in a heartfelt attempt to persuade the younger male.

Kibum frowned and nibbled his lip softly, genuinely torn. “I can’t afford to get in trouble or miss any classes, Jjong. Exams are coming up, you know.”

Jonghyun grabbed Kibum’s hand from their secluded place by the music room and entwined their fingers together. It was a perfect fit.

“Kibum,” he wailed desperately. “You’re always studying these days, and I just want some quality time with you before your schedule gets even more hectic. Just ditch this one time, I beg you!”

Kibum’s eyes travelled down to their interlaced hands and signed in resignation, lifting his gaze up to meet Jonghyun’s. “Just this once, Jonghyun. But I swear to god, if we get caught…”

A snort emitted from Jonghyun’s throat, and he rose a dubious eyebrow. “If we get caught…?”

“…If we get caught, I won’t come to your house on Saturday.”

Jonghyun’s jaw dropped, gobsmacked. “But you know my parents aren’t going to be home!”

“This or that, Jjong. Choose wisely, hon.” smirked Kibum, feeling quite smug at the simplicity of manipulating his boyfriend.

Jonghyun pouted. He wasn’t meant to be the one stuck between a rock and a hard place, yet there he was, balancing two equally inviting options. With a deciding scoff, he tugged at Kibum’s hand and began to drag him into the music room, closing the door behind them without a second glance. “Well we aren’t going to get caught anyway, so…”

A hint of a smile flickered on Kibum’s face. “I’m trusting you here, babe.”

“I know, I know. But no one comes in here anyway, Kibum. Luck is on our side.” Jonghyun whispered, grabbing Kibum around the waist and pressing him against the adjacent wall.

Kibum’s hands automatically slipped their way beneath Jonghyun’s shirt, travelling lightly over every expanse of skin possible. Manicured nails ran over the older boy’s firm torso, lingering by his pecks and grazing teasingly over his pink nubs. A shiver travelled down Jonghyun’s spine, and unconsciously, his grip on Kibum’s waist tightened.

Both males simultaneously leaned in for a kiss, lips gliding against each other’s in a relaxed, sloppy manner. Jonghyun slid his hands into Kibum’s jean pockets and pulled the feline boy even closer, revelling in the sigh of content that slipped from Kibum’s lips. Their tongues began to dance around each other, like flames licking at your skin in the event of a fire, and the hum of content emitting from Jonghyun’s lips was inevitable.

Minutes passed like seconds, and soon, Kibum’s hands were gripping at Jonghyun’s shirt and tugging it over his head. Their kisses were more ferocious now, harder and more desperate as though the other would disappear if they pulled away. Jonghyun’s golden skin lay bare, and although Kibum was quite accustomed to the sight, he still marvelled at the sheer tone of his body.

His fingers tangled in Jonghyun’s hair and pulled him down for another kiss, however was interrupted as Jonghyun tutted in disappointment and looked pointedly at Kibum’s attire. Kibum rolled his eyes and hurriedly began to undo his crisp, white shirt, fingers fumbling on the buttons as he attempted hurriedly to remove the layer from his body. Jonghyun laughed gently before nudging Kibum’s hands away, unbuttoning the shirt himself much too slowly for Kibum’s liking.

“Hurry up,” groaned Kibum, fidgeting from where he stood. Jonghyun smiled and slowed his pace even more so, leaning down to place a lingering kiss on Kibum’s pale neck. Kibum arched his neck to the side and gripped Jonghyun’s shoulders roughly, wordlessly begging the older male to continue.

And continue Jonghyun did, kissing and nipping and sucking and licking at a now red spot below Kibum’s left ear. Kibum moaned, and it seemed as though his mind was elsewhere because he took no notice of his shirt which now lay crinkled upon the floor. Jonghyun kissed his way up back to Kibum’s lips and ran his calloused palms over Kibum’s smooth, pale skin, basking in the flawless feeling that was his boyfriend.

Kibum’s leg moved between Jonghyun’s thighs intuitively, unintentionally eliciting a muffled whimper from the older student. He smirked and continued to kiss Jonghyun senseless, grinding his leg against him once more in pure spite and taking pride in the reaction gained from his actions. Jonghyun threw his head back slightly and groaned, the tightness in his pants become all too evident. He clutched Kibum’s waist and trailed his fingers around to the crevice of his back, sending a trail of gooseflesh and tingles wherever they made contact.

Their session continued at relatively the same pace, neither male risking the chance to take things further in a classroom within their school. Their tongues continued to battle for dominance and their noses bumped roughly as they attempted to gain as much leverage as possible, leaving both Jonghyun and Kibum a flushed mess when they finally pulled apart. Kibum leant his forehead against Jonghyun’s and sighed contentedly.

“Y’know…I’m really glad you convinced me to ditch.” he mumbled, eyes half lidded as he looked to gauge Jonghyun’s reaction.

Jonghyun laughed mirthfully and opened his eyes, creases appearing like crows’ feet on the outer edges of his lids. “Is that an invitation to do it more often?”

A fond smile grew on Kibum’s profile, and he leaned in for one last peck before pulling away entirely. “In your dreams, Jonghyun.”

The bell signalling next period sounded through the room, and Jonghyun and Kibum exchanged a wide-eyed look before hurriedly shoving their shirts on and smoothening down their appearance. They half-heartedly made sure they looked decent enough and nodded to themselves before making their way to the door, fixing their strands of hair once again as they turned the knob to the outside world.

Lingering giggles escaped their bodies as they stepped out into the void corridor and it was like Jonghyun said; no one ever visited this side of the school unless they had to. Well, almost everyone. Because much to Jonghyun and Kibum’s horror, right outside the door stood the latter’s menacing math teacher, glaring at them with the enough force to make knees tremble. And tremble they did, despite Jonghyun’s valiant attempt to escape the daunting situation.

“Hi, ma’am!” he exclaimed brightly, rocking back and forth on his heels in faux nonchalance. “Kibum and I just had a spare so I was showing him my new song. Would you like to take a listen?”

Kibum cringed, and screwed his face up in despair. “Jonghyun,” he whispered frantically, causing the older male to look his way in confusion. “I just had math.”

It was safe to say that whispering wasn’t Kibum’s forte.

“Oh did you now, Mr Kim? I wonder where, because it certainly wasn’t in my class.” she spoke darkly, using her forefinger and thumb to push her glasses up in scrutiny.

The two boys gulped simultaneously, and Kibum visibly glowered at Jonghyun. “Guess who’s staying home on Saturday.” he grumbled angrily, feeling no sympathy whatsoever for the crestfallen expression on Jonghyun’s face.

“Certainly neither of you.” The teacher interrupted, diverting Jonghyun and Kibum’s attention back to her in astonished intrigue.  “You’ll both be serving Saturday detention here, at school. I’d hope to see you both there, because if not, certain calls can be made. Am I clear, boys?”

Jonghyun and Kibum exchanged horrified glances, jaws dropping in incredulity. “Y-yes, ma’am.” stuttered Kibum, fidgeting with his hands as he refused desperately to make eye contact.

“I’ll see the two of you on Saturday, then.” she spoke, looking down on them with disdain through her wired framed spectacles. “Hopefully not attempting to devour each other’s faces this time.”

And with that, the teacher walked away, leaving two very dumbfounded and horrified boys in her wake.

“S-she saw?” questioned Kibum softly, ears and neck flushing an indescribable shade of crimson. Jonghyun’s face was in a similar state, and he glanced at Kibum with an expression of pure guilt.

“Well…” Jonghyun attempted feebly. “At least we put on a good show?”

Kibum groaned loudly in embarrassment and sunk down to the floor.

“I’m never going to math class again.” he whined in a high pitch.

Jonghyun patted his shoulder awkwardly from where he stood, level of embarrassment nearly as high as Kibum’s. “So…” he began slowly. “Does that mean you wanna ditch again?”

It was safe to say he received a ‘no’ in response.



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