unreleased cut from 4 things

(very rough translation) younha called into the show and called jonghyun “oppa”. (s/n: younha was born in april of 1988, making her just over two years older than jonghyun, so he’s definitely not an “oppa” to her.) younha: oppa?
jonghyun: jagiya (s/n: “jagiya” has a lot of different meanings but it whittles down to “darling” or “honey”. it’s normally used between couples in a relationship (especially younger couples) to address one another.) (tries to figure out who it is.) who are you? (after finding out it was younha calling he panicked. he figured out it was her after asking her to laugh.) i called you “jagiya”, no… no, it’s not… you emphasized on the “oppa” when you don’t even call me “oppa”.
younha: (tauntingly) jonghyun called me jagiya! (laughs) (s/n: as said, this was a rough translations so there’s bits and pieces of the conversation missing but the second a better translation surfaces i’ll repost!) (source: z0eyyy)


Favorite Lucifer performance for taetastic

This performance isn’t anything too special, the boys don’t do any special dances or fly through the air, but this is the performance that made a Shawol, and their singing is top notch. This is the first video I direct people to when they ask me for a live SHINee video

150304 Blue Night

J: But if I date you, then I’ll always be with you.
GYB/C: Why do you say that with such an expression…
J: I have to have such an expression in order for me to produce this (kind of) voice.
Cr: 20080525net, cosmicsticks


Jonghyun - Mnet 4Things Show unreleased scene


No but, what if Jonghyun really did sing this little line like that.