Back to the SHINee Basics…

On sns today:

~I love Shinee!

~MVP, Blinger, Lil freak, Flamer, Taemint💕

~I respect Shinee but their music just doesn’t have the style that *** and *** has.

~What song is Rino-sama dancing to? And is that Jonghyun or Taemin singing the opening line? That voice…!

~It’s SHINee not Shinee

~Key biased fans are “Lockets.” Lil'freaks is his term of endearment.

~Rino Nakasone used “Lovesick” in her SHINee choreo mix. Onew sings the opening line. Watch Lovesick here.

~SHINee wasn’t created to compete with the popular bands/trending sound. They were created to experiment with new styles and unique flavors. They’re just so phenomenal they got famous anyway…

Bonus Tip: They’re musical gods and we are blessed to have them…😍

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