Wanna-One in a gang but they fall in love with a warm, puppy-like girl [Guanlin, Jinyoung, Daniel]

anon: Hi!! Can i request a reaction of Wanna One’s Kuan Lin, Jinyoung and Daniel wherein they are in a gang but fall in love with a girl, who’s lovely and warm like a puppy??? Thanks~~~

So yeah I didn’t know how else to title it but thanks for the request!

He spots you in a mall and immediately falls in love.

Daniel: The type to immediately accept his fate. Doesn’t care about the other gang members watching, so he approaches you right away. He’ll casually stroll up to you and talk to you, striking up conversation rather than flirt his way to your heart. He absolutely loves how sweet and polite you are, and he already knows you’re the one. When he makes a joke and hears you laugh, he falls in love with you even more. Not only does he approach you with confidence and without hesitation, but he also asks you out on a date right there. You say yes to his offer and he gets really excited and he can’t help but hug you. When his friends tease him later, he won’t care. He just got a date with the love of his life. He’ll always think about your loving nature and he would always talk about you, no matter what his friends would say.

Jinyoung: He’s caught off guard by your innocent appearance, but acts like you’re no big deal since he’s with his gang. He tries not to accept it, denying the fact that he likes you. His friends don’t fail to mention you, comparing your innocence and warmth to the bad-ass girls him and his gang hang out with. Jinyoung won’t approach you with his friends are watching, but when he finds himself alone, he’ll catch you in a store and be himself. He’ll flirt with you, but he won’t be too straight-forward. Eventually becomes comfortable and super sweet. He’ll probably ask you for your number and then he’ll get a bit shy just mentioning it, but when you give him your number, he becomes the softest boy ever. Probably gets spotted by his gang and he’ll act like he doesn’t know you but he’ll apologize later and eventually not care about what the gang thinks about him liking you.

Guanlin (aka my bf): When he first sees you, he’s so amazed by how cute you look that he tells his most trusted hyung (Sungwoon, for example) about you and he gets super excited about meeting you. Sungwoon helps him while the rest of the gang teases Guanlin for liking a girl like you. They’d probably hold Guanlin’s love for you against him, meaning if he was doing something to hurt their reputation, they’d threaten him by threatening you. Guanlin probably doesn’t want you to get hurt or think of him as a bad boy, but he comes off harsh when he first talks to you because he doesn’t know what to say. Sungwoon eventually gets you two to start over, and Guanlin loves you even more because you’re giving him another chance and you were patient and polite with him even though he was being harsh to you. 

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I hope you enjoyed it~!