Take Me Back (Jinyoung)

When you find out that Jinyoung cheated on you.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this; you never knew he could be the type to cheat on you. Jinyoung always cared for you, and you did the same: so what went wrong? That night; it was your worst nightmare. Maybe if you didn’t go out that night, it wouldn’t have happened.

Just maybe…


“YAH! ______-ah! W-What are you doing here?”

“I actually came to get food, my fridge is all out. What about you 4? Where’s Jinyoung, I thought he would be with you. he said he was going out.” You glanced at Gongchan, Sandeul, Baro, and Dong-woo(who he likes to be called CNU). They all glanced at each other, worry and dread clouding their minds. Sandeul was the first to snap out of the trance.

“He went with some other friends this time, we didn’t really want t  go, so we decided to..come here. So…where are you going to eat at? We could join you.”

“I was going where I always go,” you pointed to your left, and the boys’ faces immediately paled, “I love their food so much, the ajumma is really nice.”

“W-why don’t you eat…over there, ” Gongchan pointed to the right, “You need a variety of food ______. Come on, let’s go.” He tried pulling you to that direction, but you refused. You shook your arm off of him and stared at the boys.

“Are you guys hiding something?” They shook their heads. “Hmm, then let’s go to my first choice.” Before they could speak, you raced over to your usual restaurant. Opening the doors, you were whisked away with the delicious smell of the place.

“See? This place isn’t so b-” Your heart stopped, shriveling up at the sight in front of you. “So this is why they didn’t want me coming here,” you muttered. Taking in a breath, you quietly walked out of the place, noticing how the 4 boys stood outside nervously.

Gongchan was about to say something, when you put your hand up. “Don’t either of you say a word.” You pulled out your phone, quickly dialing a number that you’ve memorized for awhile now.

“Hello?” You rolled your eyes, just hearing him right now is making you fume.

“Pabo, I think you forgot to tell me something. You never mentioned doing anything with just a female, or is that what you meant by going out, hmm?”

“H-How did you-”

“How did I know? If you must know, I ran out of food, so I stopped by. And I saw you…with her. Tch, in case you don’t know, this is goodbye. I don’t want you explaining to me anything, arasso? Goodbye Jinyoung.”

You shut the phone, and turned it off, just in case. Now, you turned your direction to the other boys. Your sent them a small glare before sighing again.

“Shin Dongwoo, Lee Jung Hwan, Cha Sun Woo, and Gong Chan Shik.” The boys were terrified, not once have you called them by their full names before. A shiver went down their spines.

“I am so disappointed in all of you. How dare you try to cover for that idiot. You should not have covered for such a cheater.”


“Save it. Right now, I am mad at all of you, okay? I’ll be going now. Goodnight.” Without another word you turned you back on the boys, the restaurant, and…your love.

It wasn’t until you reached your apartment and stepped inside did you finally release your tears. And those tears quickly turned into sobs as you fell onto the couch, your eyes becoming blurry as you cried throughout the night.


“Geez…why do I have a massive headache?” You sat up on the couch for a moment, before all the happened the night before came back. A frown was set on your face as you went and did your morning preparations.

Once finished, you decided to turn your phone back on. Almost instantly thousands upon thousands of missed messages and calls from 5 conniving boys. You opened the ones from Gongchan, Baro, Sandeul, and CNU first, and smiled once you saw a video of all for of them in animal suits singing and dancing, asking for your forgiveness.

“Aish, these boys.” You chuckled at their apology before a buzz came from your phone; it was an incoming call…from him. You quickly rejected the call, throwing the phone on the couch.

There is no way I am talking to him, especially on the phone.“ But your thoughts were interrupted by banging on the door. You hustled to the door, quite mad as to who is hitting your door.

"What do you- what are you doing here?” You glared at the man before you, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He gave you a small smile.

“Can I come in?" 

"No, you’re not going to want to leave if you come inside. If you want to say something, then do it out here.” Slipping through the door, you waited, arms crossed while Jinyoung stood in front of you, rocking back and forth. Jinyoung tried giving you the bouquet, but you refused.

“Let me expla-”

“Did you lie to me about going out with your friends?” You cut in, watching him nod his head as an answer. “Were you planning on taking that girl out yesterday?” Another nod.

“Did you make those four lie to me in case I would be there?” Once again, a nod. You sighed, tears already beginning to form.

“Last one: did you go out with that girl, knowing you were cheating on me in the process?” Everything stood still at that moment, and then…Jinyoung nodded.

You glared at the man before you, but your heart wouldn’t let you hold that glare for long.  Letting out an exasperated sigh, you ruffled your hair as you looked at anything but him.

“Jinyoung, go home please. There’s no excuse for what you did.”


“The neighbors are going to wake up any time now. If you don’t leave, you’ll look like an embarrassment.” Without saying goodbye, you entered back into your house. Closing the door, you quietly slid down, your tears streaming down your face. There were a couple more raps on the door before it all grew silent.

For about an hour, you stayed rooted to your spot before checking if he really had left. Once confirmed of it, you went to the bathroom to wash up your face and calm yourself.

“I need to get out of here.” You muttered, and it only took you a second to grab your keys and go for a very long drive.


“Hyung, she’s out of the house. We don’t know when she’s coming back.”

“It’s okay. And…I’m sorry for putting you guys through this, it was a huge mistake.” The man rested his head on the steering wheel of his car while he heard his four friends softly chuckle.

“It’s alright Jinyoung, just don’t mess it up this time. We’re rooting for you and ______! See you.” The phone clicked, indicating that the call ended.

The man, Jinyoung, took a deep breath before turning on his car and drove from a local boba tea shop he was at to ______’s house.

‘My last chance, please ______, forgive me.’


“Aish, today is such a terrible day.” You ruffled your hair, getting out of the car and making a way towards the front door. You spent the entire day just walking around, no particular place in mind. You just needed to….clear your thoughts away from him.

But it was no use, everything made you think of him: from a child’s simple laugh to a catchy song, there was no way to get out of his hold.

“Jinyoung, why did I have to fall in love with you?” You opened the front door, and not even ten steps in, did you see your living room decorated.

There were dozens of small candles lit up and shaped like a heart; giving it a fluorescent smell. 

And on the kitchen table, a variety of all your favorite foods: going from breakfast to dinner, it was all there. It caused your stomach to rumble since you haven’t eaten all day.

'Who did all of this?’ You thought, but in the back of your head, you had an idea of who it was. And your thoughts were answered when lilies were pushed in your line of vision. You eyes trailed from the lilies to an arm to the face of the person holding it.

“Please, can you accept them?” Jinyoung whispered. You contemplated for while, but slowly reached out, grasping the flowers.

“Jinyoung…why are you here?” You stared at the man, your heart thumping as you saw a small smile grace his face. It was that same smile that he asked you out with. Geez, you just couldn’t get over him.

“I know what I did was wrong, but please, please, forgive me ______.”

You scoffed at his poor excuse of an apology, you needed to be strong, you can’t give in just yet. “Why in the world should I do that? I trusted you, yet you deceived me.”

Jinyoung felt a pain in his chest; he knew you were right, but…he can’t lose you. His eyes watered up as he turned his head to the side. He didn’t want you to see him vulnerable.

“I-I….I’ll make it up to you. Any-ything you want. I can’t live without you.”

“You sure knew how to live without me when you were with that girl.”

In that moment, his figure slumped to the ground, his hands on his face. You could see his body shake as his cries finally became evident. Your heart crunched at the sight of the man before you, and you immediately felt bad.


“__-_____, please…the guys love you. I lo-ove you. I know what I did w-was wrong, and I c-can’t change that. But please…please, forgive me. I won’t do it-t again.”

The entire room stayed quiet as you thought of your decision. To be honest, you made up your mind when he presented you with the flowers. The only thing now was to know if you were going to regret this decision in the future or not.

You knelt down, becoming eye level with him, and took him in to a hug. He latched onto you with so much strength that it felt like your breath would be taken away.

“You know, I always had a soft spot for you, even when I met you. Screw this up, and you’re dead meat, okay? You got one chance, don’t mess it up.” And in that instant, you were tackled to the ground; quick kisses attacking you.

“Thank…you…so…much…______…I…love…you!” Jinyoung said in between kisses, in which you couldn’t help but laugh.

So, was it a regret? You wouldn’t know until later, but right now. Him and
you…if felt right, you felt happy once again.

eunhaehyukjae  asked:

If your relationship was already public, would Eunhyuk/Donghae/Jinyoung like skinship in public places? Like holding hands, hugging, pecks on the cheek/lips, or just fixing each others hair if it was messed up..? Or do you think he'd like keep pda to a minimum for the sake of the fans ...?

I think all of them would definitely like skinship in public places and they’d all definitely do it, to a certain extent. Like, you wouldn’t find them having a make out session in public like some couples XD