Vorrei essere una lacrima per nascere dai tuoi occhi, vivere sul tuo viso e morire sulla tua bocca
—  Jim Morrison
Hi hi

So I was the only one in customer service from 1:30-10 pm It was so busy/crazy but I was so cool and smooth, multi tasking like no otha lol!!! This customer hands me his card it said his name and said supervisor of sacramento regional fire/ems communication center :D he said he needed people like me that can multitask and be patient. Idk but that made my day. Anyways I’m really tired also my throat feels kinda sore so I’m going to curl into a little ball under my blanket maybe with all the heat it will go away. Hope everyone’s September goes well. I’ve been feeling good these past two days LOL I really appreciate feeling good. See you soon friends ttyl bye

Treasure Planet - Jim Hawkins [Mermaid]

Here is my failed attempt at making Jim as a mermaid, due to limited footage my option was pretty slim on what part to use. Unless you wanted Jim to have the chest of Triton which would just be an eyesore. It doesn’t originally lag, but because the gif needed to be slower I don’t mind. And don’t ask about the bubbles. xD I’m still new at this! hirohamadone thanks for helping again with the gif! c: