“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

I wonder how many people blame Tony for what Obadiah Stane did.

How many have the bald, vile, manipulative, abusive, stereotypical villain, that sold weapons under the table & Howard’s & Tony’s nose for years, just passing their mind when they blame Tony for the bad guys having his weapons.

The guy that wanted power, the guy that sold weapons to the ones that blew up the Maximoffs’ parents, the one that was willing to kill Pepper because Tony found out, the one that fought for the weapons part of SI stay open when Tony said “no, our, my, weapons, have been getting into the wrong hands, and I and SI needs to be accountable for that”, the one you see a full scene of him talking with the people he ordered to kill Tony, but instead they tortured him.

How many just forget this one character just so they feel better about blaming Tony for every little thing wrong in MCU.

How many don’t acknowledge him, how many didn’t even watch the movie (I’ve seen some say they haven’t - then they wonder why Tony wants accountability), how many.

How many forget that Tony’s character arc in the Iron Man trilogy is about accountability and taking action in his wrong doings.

So I read earlier this week something about the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, and one was essentially mental degredation and hallucinations. And then I was watching Iron Man 2. And in the diner with Fury he literally cannot seem to focus. He’s jumping here and there through subjects, but not in his usual manner and he’s dropping hints left and right about not being able to see clearly.
And you can tell Fury is getting frustrated, but I feel like it’s not because Tony is evading. Instead it’s that the degradation is this bad. You can tell by the way Natasha finally jumps up and hurries off to get the lithium dioxide. May not look like rushing to most people but I think for Natasha Romanov, that is definitely some urgency in her step.