I still can’t get over Hakyeon voting for Hyuk in the Big Byung leader poll. He could have easily voted for himself like the other guys did, but he didn’t. He knows Hyuk has a hard time in VIXX as the maknae, especially considering the fact that Hyuk has been given little to no parts in most of their songs. To be honest he was given more lines and screen time in “Stress, Come On” than any of VIXX’s songs. He works so hard and dances his heart out on stage, but so far it still feels like he hasn’t been given a substantial part in VIXX’s promotions. I’m sure Hakyeon can see Hyuk’s desire to shine, and Hitmaker finally offered a chance to put him in the spotlight. I wish we could have heard Hakyeon’s reasoning for choosing Hyuk, but what matters is knowing that N wanted Hyuk to have that position and opportunity, and that he believes his maknae can succeed even as a leader. The fact that Hakyeon pretended he didn’t vote for Hyuk by reacting astounded at the decision was significant, because he didn’t use it to bring attention to himself like “oh I voted and helped you win,” he just let Hyuk have his spotlight. Hyuk’s giddy laughter as the Leader armband was put on had my heart bursting. Thank you leader N for thinking of your members so highly, especially Hyuk who probably needs it the most. For all of your bragging and self-praise we know you love your members more than anything :)


Will we ever have the chance stop him? I guess never…Happy birthday to our Maknae on Top,the Maknae without Aegyo (lies) and the Man!Hyuk who everyone is trying to stop,the person Ravi fears (the most.haha) and Giant Maknae we Starlights love (or hate bcoz one way or another he’d been so rude to all of us..).Happy birthday Han Sanghyuk!Thank you for being born!  #HAPPYHYUKDAY