This is brilliant acting right here. You can see the EXACT moment he sees Harry and realizes that he has his mother’s eyes. You can see what Snape was thinking; the moment he sees Harry, he probably just thought that he was going to be arrogant, immature, and exactly like how James Potter used to be.

But then Harry turns his face and looks at him. They make eye contact, and the realization hits him like a ton of bricks. He has Lily’s eyes.

And let’s not forget this was the first movie. Bravo Alan Rickman.

headcanon that Sirius wanted James and Lily to call their son, ’Prongs Junior’. obviously they went with ‘Harry James’, and Sirius was less than pleased. so when Harry was starting to talk, instead of helping Harry say his own name, Sirius taught him to call himself PJ. Lily didn’t talk to Sirius for days after she heard her son announce, “PJ hungry!”, James on the other hand thought it was hilarious. 

His name is Harry, Sirius!” Lily snapped, smacking Sirius over the head with a rolled up copy of the Daily Prophet.

“I thought it was Harry James.” Sirius smirked, dodging his attacker. James roared with laughter from the kitchen and Lily sighed in defeat.

“If he grows up thinking his name is actually ’Prongs Junior’, then you and I are going to have a serious problem, Black.”

“A Sirius problem?” Sirius asked with a raised eyebrow and another smirk, before receiving a sharp blow to the stomach from the redhead.